Wu Wei, The Art Of Problem Solving

Wu Wei is a concept of Taoist philosophy that encourages the search for a more effortless life. It is basically about solving problems without force or pressure. Want to know more about it? Read this article!
Wu Wei, the art of problem solving

Wu Wei i.e. solving problems effortlessly is a philosophy of life that can help many in this century of constant competition. Today, everyone seems to want only recognition and power.

Of course, this oriental philosophy may seem strange when you think about your personal goals. All the things you want to achieve as well as the problems that you need to solve. However, this philosophy of life can help you live a stress-free life.

This perspective is described in the Tao Te King, the most important book of Taoist thought and philosophy. According to legend, Lao Tse wrote it around 600 BC. “Wu Wei” freely translated means “old master”.

According to Lao Tsen, everything good and virtuous is related to the operation of the cosmos. It is a natural, continuous and smooth change. Just as the universe flows, so must we flow. This philosophy of life was born around the idea mentioned above.

Wu Wein principle

Wu Wei can also mean “no action,” “growth,” or “no effort”. The main idea of ​​this concept is to let things flow in their natural state without changing their course. Zen calligraphy represents it in a circle.

Many think that this philosophy encourages apathy. The truth is, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams or goals. According to the teachings of Tao Te King, Wu Wei does not mean complete stopping. It’s about understanding the balance of things and the flow of everything, without pressure or changing the universal mechanism.

Wu Wei helps you relax.
Wu Wei helps you understand that many things are not up to you, so you need to stay calm.

People waste energy fighting things they can’t change. The most important thing, then, would be to let the universe flow without pressure. This is at the heart of Taoist teaching. According to research, Wu Wei consists of “action without action,” that is:

One example of understanding this philosophy is plants as well as their growth. Plants grow effortlessly. It just happens. In addition to plants, Taoist texts also explain Wu Wein’s teachings with examples related to water passivity.

At first, water may seem like a rather insignificant force of nature. In fact, it can eat rock and flow anywhere, even through the smallest cracks. Although the water can be divided into droplets, the water will eventually become part of a huge sea. Water has another great ability: the ability to flow down into the “dark valley,” a place where all biological life is renewed.

Ways to incorporate this philosophy into your life

As mentioned above, Wu Wein’s best-known characteristic is harmony. It doesn’t disturb or block anything, it just flows. So it is not a matter of giving up any manifestation of the will. It’s about going with it, as most natural processes do.

Here are some guidelines for putting this philosophy of life into practice:

  • Let everything flow and let peace reign around you.
  • Watch how things change without disturbing them.
  • Stop and see for the most part actively creating problems.
  • Let the problems break down, instead of spending all your time solving them.
  • Look at the opportunities offered by life and take advantage of them, but without using too much energy.
It is important to focus your energy on how to incorporate Wu Wei philosophy into your daily routine. You need to let go of the things that negatively affect your well-being.
  • Stop thinking about problems or situations when they are over and you know you can’t affect them. Thinking of them is a waste of energy. Instead, focus on new opportunities.
  • Always stay calm. Everything will be allright. No matter how many stumbling blocks you may encounter.
  • Let go of worries as well. This does not mean that you will do nothing, on the contrary, by remaining neutral and calm you will be able to develop smarter strategies that will not empty you mentally.
  • Finally, trust. The Wu Wei philosophy encourages you to develop confidence in life and its ordering. It is also about self-confidence.

Wu Wei to achieve a more peaceful life

Applying this philosophy of life, you will find that things are simpler than you think. Thinking too much makes everything harder.

So focus on your well-being and Incorporate into your life this oriental way of understanding the world around you. Peace and stability are just around the corner.

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