Ulcerative Colitis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

While the treatments mentioned in this article can help cure inflammation, it is important to talk to your doctor about it. Never miss a medication prescribed by your doctor and talk to your doctor about alternative therapies first.
Ulcerative colitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ulcerative colitis is a common nuisance and affects an increasing number of people. Ulcerative colitis occurs throughout the colon and can turn into an occasional chronic problem. The treatment of ulcerative colitis can also be achieved by natural means – in this article we will tell you how!

In a patient with ulcerative colitis, the symptoms usually focus on the area of ​​the colon, but they can also spread to other parts of the digestive system. Ulcerative colitis causes pain and discomfort, and negatively affects quality of life. Treatment of ulcerative colitis requires a discussion with your doctor, and it is important to follow a treatment plan so your symptoms stay under control.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ulcerative colitis so you can identify its triggers in the future and relieve symptoms with home treatments that are suitable for use with traditional medication.

What causes ulcerative colitis?

Treatment of ulcerative colitis can also be achieved by natural means.


The exact cause of the inflammation is not yet fully understood. Inflammation is part of the common ailments that afflict the digestive system and is related to the same category as Crohn’s disease.

Although precise information on the causes of ulcerative colitis has not yet been obtained, physicians and researchers agree on certain triggers and features of the disease:

  • Ulcerative colitis is associated with impaired functioning of the autoimmune system.  This means that the body attacks certain areas of the gut, destroying the tissue and causing ulcers to form.
  • Stress is a common trait in patients with inflammation that can trigger inflammation and worsen symptoms.
  • Usually, ulcerative colitis occurs in people aged 20-30, and it becomes more severe as a person ages. Symptoms in people aged 50-70 can be severe and unpleasant.
  • Ulcerative colitis usually begins with inflammation of the intestine.
  • Inflammation is suspected to be caused by bacteria or viruses nesting in the gut. Although there is no cure for inflammation, the symptoms can be relieved, and sometimes the disease can only be cured by removing parts of the inflamed bowel.

What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a common ailment.

Symptoms may vary from patient to patient.  The first symptoms of inflammation may be diarrhea and blood in the stool. Others experience severe abdominal pain.

Often the symptoms follow a certain pattern and the most common symptoms of inflammation are:

  • Severe pain in the abdominal area.  Severe cramps that occur unpredictably. The stomach can keep noisy and growling even if you are not hungry. Sounds like a lot of gas in your stomach, but you may not suffer from flatulence.
  • Blood or rot in the stool.
  • Seasonal diarrhea.
  • Fever.
  • Rapid weight loss.
  • When ulcerative colitis is severe, it can be associated with joint pain.
  • Acid patts in the mouth.
  • General malaise.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis by natural means

Aloe vera is used to treat ulcerative colitis.


Remember that if you suspect you have colitis or experience persistent and unpleasant stomach symptoms, you should see a doctor first. Only from a doctor can you get a valid diagnosis and treatment appropriate to your problems. Each patient responds differently to medications and treatment, so your doctor can determine the treatment plan that is right for you.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis with natural means and a suitable diet is a good addition to support traditional drug therapy. Follow the instructions below to relieve the symptoms and inflammatory bowel condition.

Ensure adequate intake of vitamins

Ulcerative colitis can weaken the body’s defense system and prevent proper absorption of nutrients. If your body does not get all the nutrients it needs, you can lose weight fast and suffer from deficiencies. Prefer the following supplements:

  • Spirulina : Spirulina is a natural product made from algae that is high in vitamins, fiber and protein. It helps strengthen the defense system and improve the quality of life.
  • Brewer’s Yeast: This dietary supplement provides the body with plenty of important nutrients, strengthens the defense system and takes care of intestinal well-being. You can buy brewer’s yeast at health food stores.
  • Folic acid or vitamin B9:  When the intestines are unable to absorb nutrients properly due to inflammation, it can quickly lead to a lack of folic acid in the body. We therefore recommend that people with inflammation consume folic acid regularly.
  • Aloe vera drink : Aloe Vera helps control inflammation, soothes, cures and relieves pain. Enjoy an aloe vera drink every morning. Add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel to a glass of water and enjoy.
  • Carrot Juice : Carrots contain vitamins and help effectively relieve stomach pains.
  • A tablespoon of flaxseed oil:  Start your day with this healthy oil. Flaxseed oil is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for treating inflammation.
  • Evening primrose oil:  Evening primrose oil is an effective treatment for relieving the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Evening primrose oil is available from pharmacies and health food stores. Be sure to enjoy the oil on an empty stomach as this will allow it to be absorbed best and be effective.

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