Treatment Of Constipation In A Child

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is an easy solution to a child’s constipation. It is also a good idea to encourage him to other healthy habits such as drinking water and exercising.
Treatment of constipation in a child

There are many natural ways you can help treat your child’s constipation. Constipation can occur in anyone, from babies a few months old to older children, and  most often it can be resolved through diet and adopting some healthy habits.

This digestive problem is one of the most common reasons for visiting a pediatrician. It may not be a serious problem, but it can be painful and lead to other complications if not treated adequately. How do you know your child is suffering from constipation?

The main sign of this problem is changes in digestion. If you find that your  child is defecating less than three times a week, and if the stool is hard and dry, he will suffer from constipation. The child may also experience painful bowel function and abdominal swelling.

Fortunately, we don’t always have to turn to pharmacy laxatives. Before resorting to them, you should try a change in diet and natural treatments. Read more!

Treatment of constipation in a child by natural means

There are many factors that can cause a child to constipate. However, poor eating habits are one of the main factors. Even if a  child’s digestive system adapts to his or her diet, the  problem is that sometimes we feed the child with food that is not very nutritious.

What can we do to treat child constipation? The first step is to make changes to your diet. We would like to share with you our suggestion for doing so.

Adding fiber

treatment of child constipation with fibrous food

Fiber is the main nutrient that helps with digestion. When a child’s diet is missing this ingredient or he gets too little of it,  he is exposed to constipation. To ensure that this does not happen, you can add fiber to your child’s diet using the following foods:

  • Whole grains
  • Fruit (in shell)
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Plums
  • Chickpeas and lentils
  • Peas
  • Natural popcorn

Avoiding sweets and sugar

Eating too much sugar can have a negative effect on digestion. Indeed, many cases of constipation in children are due to the daily eating of sweet and candy. Even if kids love sweets, you should try to keep sweets out of your diet.

Try to get your child to drink water

treatment of child constipation with water

Drinking plenty of water is important from an early age. When a child does not drink enough water, his or her digestion slows down and the risk of constipation increases. This is because fluids increase the amount of fiber and soften the stool.

Encourage physical activity

Just playing sports or even playing games regularly stimulates blood circulation and improves digestion. So it’s a perfect addition to a healthy diet, and  you should encourage your child to take part in some physical activity.

Teach your child to follow the toilet routine

small child with a bar

When a child is old enough, he or she should be able to adopt a toileting routine. Because younger children are afraid of starting it,  you should be there to support them and guide them to make it a habit. Children who have not learned to go to the pot tend to restrain their needs to avoid going to the bathroom.

So it is better to start training the child to go to the toilet little by little and without pressure. Once he understands it, you should show him the correct position when visiting the toilet. Also remind her that she should go to the bathroom whenever she feels the need.

Natural treatments for the treatment of constipation in a child

Pharmaceutical laxatives should be an alternative only for certain cases of constipation. You should first discuss their use with your pediatrician. If your child has only recently started to suffer from constipation or the constipation is mild, you should first try natural remedies.

1. Plum juice

Plums are laxative fruits that  can enhance digestive function to fight the effects of constipation. Plum juice should be prepared for young children 0.3-0.6 dl dissolved in the same amount of water.

2. Grapes on an empty stomach

Grapes are delicious fruits that kids love. They are also a good and quick help in treating child constipation. Give the child 6-8 grapes with the peel on an empty stomach.

3. Honey

treatment of child constipation with honey

Children over the age of one can eat honey dissolved in water as an alternative to slow digestion. Honey contains natural enzymes  that help optimize the process of food decomposition to facilitate their elimination.

4. Apple juice

Apple juice is a highly recommended drink for young children. Because kids love its sweet taste, apple juice is a good help in treating constipation. The pectin and water it contains are perfect solutions to the problem. We recommend giving your child 0.6-1.2 dl of apple juice daily (one to which no sugar or additives have been added).


The easiest and fastest way to fight a child’s constipation is to improve the child’s diet. You should replace processed and processed foods with natural alternatives. Include fruits in your diet as well as foods that have laxative effects to help your child get rid of constipation.

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