Treat Joint Pain With Olive Oil And Lemon Peel

Extra virgin olive oil is an anti-inflammatory product, and combining it with the essential oil from lemon peel helps to relieve joint pain effectively.
Treat joint pain with olive oil and lemon zest

Relieving joint pain is possible. This pain is usually a symptom of inflammation in the tissues of the body, which in turn indicates that the cartilage and ligaments are worn or it is signaling some kind of injury.

The pain can be chronic, depending on the cause, but in all cases, joint pain is very important to treat to avoid complications.

Although it is often treated with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs,  there are also natural products that can speed up the relief of joint pain  without any side effects.

One of these is a blend of lemon zest and extra-virgin olive oil – two substances that soothe a sore area and provide relief in a short amount of time.

So now we want to tell you about all the abilities of this mixture as well as give an easy recipe for making it at home – take note of the instructions if you suffer from this general ailment yourself.

Lemon peel and olive oil as treatment for joint pain

joint pain


When you use this home treatment in a sore area locally, it  will help improve your blood circulation and thus relieve joint pain.

  • The ingredients are crammed with nutrients that reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness.
  • In addition, the lemon zest contains citronella and fellandren, for example, and these two essential oils help relax muscles and joints. They are thus helpful in mobility difficulties.
  • Extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are widely known for their ability to treat sore and inflamed tissues.
  • Together, these ingredients improve the oxidation processes in the cells, and they  optimize the nutrients into the joints  – this is a key factor in preventing the degradation of cartilage.
  • In addition, this treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, which is important for removing the toxins that cause pain.
  • Using oil to make massaging movements  helps flush out fluids that have accumulated in the body and prevents the accumulation of uric acid.

How do you make a care oil from lemon zest and olive oil?

treat joint pain with olive oil and lemon


The ingredients used in this home care can be found at any good grocery store or supermarket.

In addition to lemon peel and olive oil, we recommend eucalyptus leaves to increase the anti-inflammatory effect of the treatment.

The oil can be used prophylactically or to relieve pre-existing joint pain.


  • 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • Peel two lemons
  • 5 leaves of eucalyptus


  • Glass jar with lid
  • Clean gauze
  • Plastic wrap


  • Wash the lemon well, and cut its peel into small pieces. Put the pieces in a glass jar.
  • Then add the olive oil and make sure you cover the lemon zest properly.
  • Chop the eucalyptus leaves and mix them together.
  • Cover the mixture well and store it in a  cool, dark place for two weeks.
  • Finally, strain the oil to remove the eucalyptus leaves and lemon zest pieces.

Use oil like this

  • Immerse the gauze in the mixture, and then place it in the area of ​​the sore joint.
  • Cover the gauze with a plastic wrap and, if possible, also with a wool scarf.
  • Let the oil work overnight for best results.
  • Put on oil every night until you can feel the pain relieved.
  • As a preventative treatment, this should be repeated at least three times a week.

Other advice to relieve joint pain

  • If you want an even more relaxing effect to relieve joint pain,  heat the oil by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water before doing the treatment.
  • However, be sure to check the temperature of the oil so that it does not burn your skin.
  • In addition, you should rub oil on the joints, especially if the pain is due to strain or fluid buildup.
  • Remember that while the use of this oil has the effect of relieving pain, it is also necessary to improve your lifestyle:  eat healthily and exercise regularly if you want to reduce joint pain as effectively as possible.

Do you suffer from this very common trouble yourself? If you want to prevent or relieve joint pain, try this natural treatment oil from lemon peel and olive oil, and you will be able to feel better without side effects and at home.

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