This Plant Regenerates Your Liver

The Desmodium Adscendens plant helps the liver regenerate by normalizing its enzyme levels and relaxing muscle soft tissue.
This plant regenerates your liver

The name of the plant is a bit tricky, but its properties are all the more wonderful! Desmodium adscendens grows at the base of palm trees in the humid regions of equatorial Africa. Take a closer look at a plant that can regenerate your liver through this article !

Learn how the liver works

Before we go into more detail about a plant that regenerates your liver, we’ll go through a few things about the liver and its functions.

The liver keeps you healthy and alive by constantly working to regulate and cleanse your body of harmful substances. It synthesizes proteins and filters out harmful substances that have entered our bodies with food or drink.

The liver is the largest and most complex organ in the human body. Together with the gallbladder, it is responsible for more than 500 bodily functions, such as regulating metabolism and hormones, and absorbing vitamins.

Abdominal pain occurs when the liver suffers from dysfunction.

The liver is able to regenerate itself if it receives the necessary building materials. The liver is even able to regrow parts that have had to be removed due to illness or accident. To do this, at least 25% of the liver must be healthy.

However, the liver is a really sensitive organ and can degenerate faster than any other organ. Excessive consumption of alcohol or fat, as well as certain diseases or metabolic disorders, can damage the liver, making it unable to perform its main job.

Desmodium adscendens: a magic plant that regenerates your liver

Many natural remedies can be used to improve liver function, such as St. John’s wort, dandelion, black radish, or wild artichoke, but  Desmodium adscendens is a particularly powerful and at once incredible treatment.

Desmodium adscendens regenerates your liver.

This variety grows in Africa. Its leaves are bright green and it grows as a vine on the stems of palm trees. The plant produces light purple flowers as well as fruits that can be up to 25 cents long. Sometimes the plant is also called “Amor seco”.

In some countries, such as Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and the Congo, the plant has been used for centuries. In Ghana, for example, the plant is used as a natural remedy for asthma, constipation and abdominal cramps. The plant rose to the consciousness of modern medicine in 1960 when it was discovered by two French doctors while doing humanitarian work in the area.

The plant has been used as a treatment for hepatitis and has succeeded in curing patients in a few weeks. Local healers know a lot about that plant and several samples have also been studied in laboratories. The results of studies have shown that Desmodium adscendens contains alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, all of which are beneficial compounds for health.

Clinical trials in England, France and Canada have shown that in addition to treating liver dysfunction, the plant can also protect the liver during long-term or invasive treatments such as chemotherapy, or if a patient suffers from allergies. Desmodium adscendens  is able to normalize liver enzyme levels as well as relax muscle soft tissue. In addition, it helps with respiratory problems and contains antihistamine properties.

A tea drink that improves liver health.

This powerful plant is a great, natural cure for many liver diseases caused by viruses as well as chemicals or drugs such as alcohol and drugs. In addition to this, it helps keep the immune system functioning and is therefore an ideal treatment for diseases such as HIV.

Desmodium adscendens is an effective treatment for the symptoms of hepatitis, such as jaundice, headache, fatigue, and anorexia, and the plant can help get rid of the symptoms in as little as a few days. The traditional use of the plant in the treatment of epilepsy has also attracted the interest of researchers. 

This is how Desmodium adscendens regenerates your liver

This wonderful plant is sold in health food stores as dried, extract and capsules. To enhance the effects of the plant, it can be used in combination with other medicinal plants, such as rosemary or St. John’s wort.

Although Desmodium adscendens cases of overdosage have not been reported, it is good to keep in mind the laxative effects of the plant.

If you suffer from any liver disease, you should consume 6-10 grams of dried plant dissolved in a liter of water. Treatment should be continued for 2-4 weeks in the case of an acute disorder, or 6-8 weeks in the case of a chronic illness.

Individuals who need to use medication that is harmful to the liver, such as nail fungus, should take 6 grams of Desmodium adscendens dissolved in 6 liters of water daily  before, during, and after the medication.

If you want to enjoy the revitalizing and cleansing effects of the plant on the liver, and especially if you have been diagnosed with fatty liver, use the plant 10 grams daily for 1-3 months. People with allergies should drink 5 grams of that plant in the form of tea.

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