The True Characteristics Of A True Friend

While friends can spend years apart, with a true friend, it feels like time hasn’t passed at all.
The six hallmarks of a true friend

Are you trying to surround yourself with good people? Do you consider yourself a good friend?

We all need friends in our lives. It doesn’t matter if they are physically with us or not. A true friend motivates us to be better people and listens to us when we need it most.

Today we want to talk about what a true friend is like. Read the six true friend characters below!

1. A true friend listens without condemnation

A true friend listens

People tend to try to help others by sharing their own opinions and feelings. Often, however, they share too much. Sometimes our stories are criticized.

We negatively criticize friends, family, and partners when we don’t properly control our own ego.

True friends know that malicious criticism hurts a person who needs support and understanding. They know that listening is a generous act. Even if they give advice, they don’t want to be the only ones influencing the decisions of the people who ask for their support.

A true friend helps and supports without wanting to change anything. He knows that listening means hearing and understanding the situation as a whole.

2. Debates mean a lot to him

Friends are arguing. Don’t think for a moment that true friends are always happy with your attitude. They are not happy with you when you have a bad attitude.

Actually, the opposite is true. A good friend will tell you their honest opinion. If he believes another has done something bad, he says it in the face. This could lead to debate.

However, remember that you are not making the mistake of putting constructive criticism or dissenting thoughts and opinions in your peck. Disagreeing is not an argument. The truth is that debate is a healthy activity. Often it is even necessary for our human relationships.

It is important to be able to tell a loved one what is rotting and to be able to receive criticism. Remember, it is nothing personal. The least you can do as a friend is be as honest as possible.

3. She takes care of her friends

a true friend is present

Have you ever asked yourself “do my friends only come with me when they need something from me?” When you start thinking this way about a friend of yours, you gradually start to lose confidence in him. The bond between you begins to weaken.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that people who aren’t your real friends just want one thing: they either want to party with you or they want something from you. You may not like it, but you need to be aware of it.

Fortunately, the opposite also works. This means you will always find a new, true friend to support you.

We mean friends who always support you and are happy to see you develop. However, you may not see them for many months or even years. But then while you encounter, it feels like no time has passed.

4. He is always present

Personal differences, disputes, time and distance will not take you from a true friend. On the contrary, a true friend makes an effort to make sure bad situations don’t end a friendship.

Did you have a big dispute? He will try to get in touch with you and chat to find out things. Did you go to work or study in another country? Don’t stop keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Friendship should be cherished. It needs care to stay strong. Therefore, it is necessary to be present and participate in important moments in a friend’s life.

Celebrate a friend’s success without feeling jealous or jealous. Suffer with him when he experiences losses. Let her cry over your shoulder in difficult times.

Sometimes it is impossible to be physically present with a friend. However, a true friend always finds a way to be in another’s life.

5. True friends trust each other

A true friend is trustworthy

Gossip and malicious comments spread by other people can affect all friendships.

However, the difference between temporary and true friends is that true friends know how to trust. They know that there are malicious people who can distort things. True friends do not believe the speeches of others.

If you want to maintain your friendship, you need to learn to listen to your friends. If in doubt, ask your friend directly without twisting and bending.

Don’t spread to others a friend’s thoughts and failures or gossip and negative comments. Also, don’t distance yourself right away because of the first negative comment your friend tells you.

6. He is honest and faithful

A true friend is faithful in all situations. He does not speak evil of others and does not allow others to speak evil of his friends.

He will defend you when necessary, but will also give you room to solve your own problems. He won’t tell you you’re wrong using criticism. He explains his motives clearly.

This allows you to make your own decisions and fail on your own. When this happens, he is there to support and help you face the situations better. But he’s not trying to solve life’s problems for you.

If the above things sound like one of your true friends, let him know!

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