The Health Effects Of Raisins – A Good Way To Start The Day

If you take raisins into your breakfast, you will give your body plenty of vitamins and trace elements. Read more about the benefits of this great dried fruit in this article.
The health effects of raisins - a great way to start the day

Raisins help with constipation, but there are other health benefits of raisins. You may not have known this, but these little natural gifts are a real treasure chest full of good health benefits. The health effects of raisins are awesome and varied, and in this article we will tell you more about them!

Dried fruits – such as dried figs or dates – go through a subtle drying process in which the amount of water they contain is reduced so that only the most effective nutrients remain. Even their dark color suggests that their wonderfully sweet interior is energetic and full of antioxidants.

If you eat raisins in moderation and especially in the first hours of the day, your body will thank you. We list the health effects of raisins, which is why you should include raisins in your breakfast.

The health effects of raisins – 6 benefits

1. Raisins help lower high blood pressure

Raisins help lower blood pressure and support heart health.

We should make it clear at the outset that raisins contain glucose. Therefore, they get the best benefit when consumed regularly but in moderation.

For example, if you eat a handful (about 25 g) of raisins a day, you will benefit from their high potassium content, which will help lower your blood pressure. Likewise, raisin fiber helps support vascular biochemistry while reducing vascular stiffness.

If you add dried fruits like raisins to your breakfast, you will know that you are working to promote the health of your heart and blood vessels right from the morning.

2. They are full of energy and help fight anemia

The health effects of raisins - provide energy.

Raisins contain a large amount of iron, which helps in the treatment of anemia.

They are also rich in B vitamins, which are very important for the formation of new blood. The high amount of copper in raisins also promotes the normal formation of red blood cells.

On the other hand, it should also not be forgotten that a good breakfast should be energetic. Raisins are very high in carbohydrates, which is ideal for preventing seizures of fatigue in the morning.

3. They help cleanse the body

One interesting way to take full advantage of the health effects of raisins is to swim them overnight and drink soaking water. This is a great way to improve liver and kidney function.

Although the body has its own natural cleansing methods, one way to promote these processes is by utilizing treatments that optimize liver and kidney function.

Try this raisin water and you will notice the difference.

4. Say goodbye to constipation

Raisins help with constipation.

When you eat raisins, something surprising happens: they swell due to the insoluble fibers they contain. This natural process promotes bowel movements, cleansing the bowel and moving the stool mass forward so that the body can remove it properly.

When you suffer from diarrhea, this insoluble fiber absorbs water and gradually treats the problem, while keeping you well-nourished and preventing the weakness caused by diarrhea.

5. Raisins eaten for breakfast are a great way to care for your bones

Raisins, just like dried figs, are high in calcium. If you add a handful of raisins to yogurt, you give your bones the calcium they need.

This dried fruit is also one of the best sources of boron. Boron is a micronutrient that should be included in every diet. It is a vital substance for bone formation and maintenance  and contributes significantly to calcium absorption.

On the other hand, and as we mentioned earlier, raisins also contain a lot of potassium. It is another important nutrient that helps fight osteoporosis and aging-induced joint degeneration.

6. They help keep the body alkaline

The health effects of raisins - help keep the body alkaline.

The acidic body often manifests itself externally as skin problems such as acne. PH imbalance also affects the body. Arthritis gets worse, and the risk of suffering from kidney stones or high cholesterol also increases.

If you start eating a handful of raisins as part of your breakfast, you’ll get the potassium and magnesium you need. These two trace elements contribute to the alkalinity of the body, as they are able to neutralize acidity that is harmful to your health.

So it is definitely worth taking advantage of the health effects of raisins, and incorporating it into your breakfast!

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