Self-fulfilling Beliefs – Are They?

You need to change your beliefs, take new perspectives and, above all, believe in what you want and aspire to. Believing in yourself is extremely important so that you can make your goals come true.
Self-fulfilling beliefs - are they?

Some call this the Pygmalion effect, but the most commonly used term is “self-fulfilling beliefs”. It originates in ancient Greece, where the fable of the Roman poet Ovid is located.

This legend concerns a sculptor named Pygmalion who fell in love with one of his creations, which he named Galate. Her love was great but blind – she treated the sculpture like a real woman.

The goddess Aphrodite learned of Pygmalion’s love for her creation, so she brought the statue to life. Everything Pygmalion had wanted so badly finally came true.

Self-realizing beliefs in daily life

What happens to a person who has a problem with jealousy? He looks after his partner all the time, looking for evidence of possible betrayal, and eventually finds exactly what he has feared.

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It seems ironic to think that something we are very much afraid of can come true. Here, however, our actions act as an invitation to things to happen.

Without wanting that thing, a jealous man is looking for evidence that doesn’t exist. However, if he continues this, he will get exactly what he fears.

The same thing happens in other environments, like school, for example. When a teacher believes that a student is going to back up a course, he or she subconsciously believes in this and acts in a way that will ensure that it happens.

As we can see from this, self-fulfilling beliefs are something that is quite strongly perceptible in negative situations. But the Pygmalion effect can also be used in a positive way.

Just as it happened to Ovidio, believing that you will be successful in a particular project, or saying that you will come to reach your goal, can make you get those things.

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Nothing is impossible. However, our lives are often driven by negative rather than positive things. Other people are holding us back. Therefore, there are far more negative examples of the Pygmalion effect than positive ones.

Pygmalion effect and the law of attraction

We can compare this self-fulfilling prophecy to the law of attraction. The fact that you believe you are attracting something will one day suddenly become a reality.

There is no magic here, nor is it about destiny. The answer is that man changes his attitude.

For example, you don’t act the same way near your partner when you trust him or her and when he or she thinks he or she is cheating on you.

Your actions will create a path with a certain kind of ending that cannot be avoided.

However, it often happens that people do not pay attention to this. Therefore, at some point, we are then surprised about ourselves and our decisions.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you always attract people of the same type? You may think you have bad luck or that everyone around you is a bad guy.

But maybe you haven’t looked at yourself. Perhaps you have not realized that you have a strong belief in a subconscious part of your brain that makes you think that everyone is a liar and an infidel.

Our thoughts and beliefs are very powerful. However, if you are aware of this phenomenon, you can make it work to your advantage.

Live the life you want

Self-fulfilling prophecy allows you to live the life you want to live. In many situations, you may experience that your thoughts are actually the only thing that is causing you pain.

Why not try the opposite? This, of course, requires a lot of willpower. Freeing yourself from negative thoughts and beliefs can be a very tiring task.

However, it is worth the work. Think about all the negative things you have drawn to you, and then think about how you could have turned this into something positive.

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You need to change your beliefs, take new perspectives and most of all believe in what you want. Believing in yourself is extremely important when you want to make your predictions become a reality.

We are all Architects of our own lives.

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