Salmon Food: Are There Any Mood-boosting Foods?

Often, changes in mood are associated with nutrient deficiencies. Some chemicals regulate mood and are derived from the nutrients in food. Now we will talk about foods that help improve mental well-being, i.e. keep reading and you will get to know what is good comfort food.
Comfort food: are there any mood-boosting foods?

Bad weather, exhaustion, fatigue, bad news, hormonal changes… and hundreds of other possible things. You don’t know the reason, but you’d like to cry, listen to sad songs and lie in bed for weeks. Do you know what foods are helpful at the moment?

Functional salmon food, ie foods that improve mood

Sometimes we don’t know the reason why in the mornings it feels like we don’t want to get up. Perhaps the culprit is simply Monday or perhaps PMS symptoms.

At work you are then in a state of disgust and would like to escape to a desert island. On a business trip, you might enjoy coffee and chocolate, and then you’ll feel better by dinner.

Can food act as a antidote? Not really. However, it is directly related to the human mood, as food can help when everything feels wrong. There are some products that work like this in minutes – Do you know what we’re talking about?

1. Chocolate

chocolate is a salmon food

Chocolate is the first salmon food on our list because it is considered the best food in the treatment of depression. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for raising the mood at other times as well. Cocoa ingredients work in the brain to improve mental well-being, and it is not uncommon to feel the craving for chocolate – albeit in times of industrial sadness.

However, be moderate as a large amount of chocolate is not good for your health. It often contains a lot of sugar, milk and harmful ingredients. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) without added sugar would be the best option for both health and mood.

2. Nuts

Nuts are excellent sources of fatty acids and can be eaten as a snack throughout the day. A handful a day is enough, and  if you want, you can mix them with yogurt or milk to increase the benefits.

3. Milk

milk is a comfort food

If your mood is bad and it’s cold outside, what would a cup of warm milk sound like before bed? This drink makes you feel more comfortable in minutes and helps you fall asleep. Milk is more effective than hot tea because it is filling and soothing thanks to its calcium.

Drinking milk prevents irritability, anxiety, and depression, and regulates mood swings. So this is definitely a good comfort food!

4. Cinnamon

Add a pinch of cinnamon to your milk as it also offers mood enhancing effects. Cinnamon is a wonderfully fragrant spice that prevents hypoglycemia.

As your blood sugar drops, you may feel very tired. To prevent or treat this phenomenon, sprinkle a little cinnamon on your desserts or stews every day.

5. Honey

honey is a comfort food

This familiar and sweet product also helps to improve the mood. Honey is full of good properties and has an antibiotic effect, for example.

Honey is  one of the most useful foods you can buy in a store as it contains tryptophan. This is an amino acid that helps produce serotonin (happiness hormone).

A tablespoon of honey is enough to sweeten the tea, and you will feel better as soon as you feel the delicious taste of this natural product.

6. Banana

Many fruits improve the feeling, and so does the banana, which is due to the rich magnesium it contains. This mineral reduces stress, exhaustion and anxiety, which then improves mood.

You can use bananas in a wide variety of smoothies, salads and desserts. Banana is a great salmon food!

7. Whole grain bread

salmon food wholemeal bread

We recommend choosing wholemeal bread instead of other types, especially if you are in the lowlands. Although it is high in carbohydrates, they combine with amino acids, so this bread is a filling food that is perfect for moments of anxiety.

In addition, wholemeal bread contains tryptophan, which reduces depression and sensitivity to pain. Enjoy one slice with breakfast and you can start your day in better shape.

8. Spinach

First of all, with this vegetable you strengthen yourself as a Skipper-Kalle, but you also give your body a good dose of folic acid. That acid is a very important factor for pregnant women, and it brings  many benefits – for example, it increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which then improves mood.

You can enjoy spinach raw or cooked and in many ways: in salads, soups, pies and so on.

9. Egg

eggs are a comfort food

In many countries (such as Turkey, Japan, and Sweden), deep-fried eggs are often eaten for breakfast. Unlike fried eggs, which are not recommended because of the fat, deep-fried are a good and nutritious option for breakfast. They are a great choice for physically demanding jobs as you get plenty of energy from them. In addition, the amino acids they contain help create serotonin.

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