Recipe: Fried Squid With Garlic And Parsley

This squid recipe is a quick, tasty and healthy way to prepare this seafood. With this recipe, you can try making squid at home too!
Recipe: fried squid with garlic and parsley

Squid is a mollusk that is eaten by people around the world. You can eat it grilled, stewed, sashimi… squid is always a delicious ingredient! Today’s food recipe is fried squid with garlic and parsley. The recipe is easy and the result is mouth-watering.

There are about 12 edible octopus types in the world. The squid meat is firm and has a soft taste that goes well with any sauce or seasoning. We recommend that you check out this recipe and try it at home!

Fried squid with garlic and parsley

Squid is a popular seafood dining table around the world.  In food cultures that place more emphasis on local gastronomy, you will find many different dishes made from Kalmar.

Thanks to the solid structure of squid meat, you can prepare it quickly and in many different ways. For example, you can grill or fry squid. In addition, it is a delicious addition to dams using a slightly thicker sauce.

Squid is full of nutrients. It is known for its high protein content and minerals such as selenium, iodine, phosphorus, and vitamins B and E.

For all these reasons, we recommend making fried squid with garlic and parsley. It is a fast food dish and does not take long to prepare. That way, you have no excuse not to try this light and tasty food.


With this recipe you prepare 2 servings:

  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A few sprigs of fresh parsley
  • 5 small, fresh squid
Fried squid and garlic.

Preparation instructions

With this recipe, you will discover how easy and fast it is to make Kalmar. In addition, we recommend doing everything at once to get the optimal texture and taste.

Do the following:

  1. Clean the squid first. To do this, you need to separate the tentacles and remove the insides. Another option is to ask the seller to do this for you before buying Kalmar.
  2. Put the frying pan on the stove, add a drop of olive oil and then add the squid. You can also add tentacles that you removed during cleaning. They are also edible.
  3. When the squid brown, peel and chop the garlic. Then wash the parsley and chop the leaves very finely. Put them in a bowl and mix them with the olive oil. One or two tablespoons is enough.
  4. Turn the squid over after 5 or 6 minutes and pour over the garlic and parsley mixture. Bake for another 5 minutes. Turn off the stove and you may want to add a little salt or a sip of lemon juice before serving.

Now that the fried squid is ready, you can combine it with salad, white rice, baked potato or roasted vegetables.

Contraindications to squid

Generally, doctors recommend eating fish and shellfish as part of a healthy diet. However, this is not the case for everyone, as eating seafood can be dangerous for some people.

For example, one of the main concerns about eating Kalmar is that it has relatively high cholesterol levels. It contains 230 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams. This mollusk thus has one of the highest cholesterol levels.

However, expert opinions on dietary cholesterol have changed in recent years. Harvard notes that while it’s important to control the amount of cholesterol you consume, especially if you have an illness like diabetes, it’s not as problematic as we previously thought.

In addition, in terms of fat content, it is best to focus on quality rather than quantity. Squid contains a small amount of saturated fats. They are fats that you should only eat in moderation. However, it also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the body.

You also need to keep in mind that squid, like all seafood, can cause an allergic reaction. This is because it contains tropomyosin. However, this allergy is less common than seafood allergy.

If you are allergic to certain types of crustaceans (crab, lobster, shrimp) or molluscs (mussels, oysters, scallops), we recommend taking a very small piece of squid for the first time to see how you react to it. You should only perform this test under the advice and supervision of an allergist.

The last tips for making Kalmar

As you can see, this squid recipe is very easy to prepare, even if you are a beginner in the kitchen. We guarantee you will do it successfully, but we want to share a few tips to make it easier.

First, we recommend buying fresh squid instead of frozen. Fresh squid is much softer. In addition, you need to pay attention to the cooking time. You should cook the smaller pieces for 5 minutes and the larger ones for 7 or 8 minutes.

Also, if you want to make this recipe for an appetizer, you can cut the Kalmar into rings or slices before you put them in the pan. If you do, they only need to cook for 3-4 minutes. Regardless of the size of the Kalmar and how long you cook it, you want to make sure that the oil is very hot and that the heat is left at a medium level during cooking.


You can include Kalmar in your diet as one source of protein. If you eat it in moderation and cook it properly, you can include it in your diet with other nutrient sources such as eggs, tofu, white fish, blue fish and lean meats.

Now is the time to start cooking and enjoying this delicious ingredient. It doesn’t matter if you prepare it as an appetizer or as part of a bigger meal, everyone will enjoy it!

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