Medicinal Herbs Fight Blood Uric Acid

Medicinal herbs fight blood uric acid

The appearance of uric acid in the blood is a very common problem today. Poor lifestyles as well as inappropriate diets are the main reasons that metabolic waste appears in the blood. In this article, we will explain to you how you can control the amount of uric acid in your blood in a natural way, as some medicinal plants have the ability to help effectively treat this problem.

What exactly is uric acid?

We each have a certain amount of uric acid in our body. As long as this acid remains at a tolerable level, it is not a problem for health or well-being.

But if your diet is not healthy enough, your body will start accumulating so-called purines , which are a waste of your metabolism. They arise in the processing of protein as a result of the consumption of some foods and beverages, such as after meat, coffee, and especially alcohol.

Gout is a problem caused by uric acid

This practically results in your body starting to have too much uric acid. As a result, ailments such as gout, joint pain, and inflammation begin to appear. However, the most serious risk here is kidney or liver dysfunction, so it is worth taking it seriously.

The other side of the matter is that  uric acid increases the amount of blood in the blood, which means a possible disruption in the functioning of various organs, decreased resistance, fatigue, illness, and weakened bones.

The body’s uric acid is controlled by diet

So what can you do to get your blood uric acid down and avoid these serious problems? Stop eating red meat, as well as eating animal protein, fat, cold cuts, alcohol, processed flour, salt, sugar, and carbonated drinks.

In addition to this, you should improve your diet by increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It is best if you also increase the amount of oats, strawberries and citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and oranges in your diet.

You should also be aware that there are plants with medicinal abilities that can help you with this problem. Of course, they are no substitute for any actual medication, but they serve as an excellent supplement in this fight against uric acid.

An example of their use is a stew drink that you can enjoy every day to cleanse your blood. In the following, we present the most important medicinal plants that you can take advantage of if uric acid is the name of your problem.

1. Dehydrating plants that eliminate purines

daisy and uric acid problems

The horseradish, dandelion or artichoke stew acts to remove excess fluid as well as toxic substances, and cleanses your blood and lymphatics. You get very effective dehydrating effects from these plants.

By increasing the elimination of urine from your body, you also help eliminate all purines, so these baths are good for cleansing your body. They really work, so don’t hesitate to give them a chance!

It would be best to drink the stews we presented, for example, after the first meal of the day. You can choose which plant you want to use today, as each works as a very good uric acid remover.

2. The protective effect of St. John’s wort in the body


You may have already heard something about the mighty benefits of the marian fox .  It is extremely effective in protecting the liver and also in liver function in general. This plant has a cleansing effect. It is effective in handling proteins as well as converting ammonia into urine.

St. John’s wort gives your body antioxidants and helps cleanse it, especially of the purines in the blood that cause your body to deteriorate. So what if you sometimes start your day with a stew drink containing St. John’s wort?

You can find this plant in health food stores and also condensed into pills. It is an awesome medicinal plant that is definitely worth a try!

3. Pirunkoura acts as an anti-inflammatory

baths and uric acid

This plant is not very well known, but pirunkoura (i.e. Harpagophytum) is a medicinal and healing product and is indeed worth a visit. It is great for treating this particular problem and  has a direct effect on your muscles and joints, reducing the amount of inflammation caused by uric acid.

If you have already developed gout, this plant will help you really well, as it will relieve pain as well as improve joint mobility. You can also find this plant in health food stores, and it’s the perfect product whenever you feel pain but don’t want to use industrial painkillers.

So keep in mind the damn groove whenever uric acid makes you feel uncomfortable. We hope you get help from these medicinal plants to fight uric acid problems!

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