Kitchen Decoration: 4 Great Ideas For Small Kitchen Decoration

If your own kitchen is small, it’s a good idea to learn to use light and color so that you can create a sense of more space. Glass can also be a good help in achieving this effect.
Kitchen decoration: 4 great ideas for decorating a small kitchen

The kitchen decor is fun to do. It is said that love begins at home with the kitchen, and that is why this is the most beloved and respected room in the entire space.

Of course, everyone would like a spacious and good kitchen with everything in order and easily accessible just when the goods are needed. However, decorating a kitchen can prove cumbersome when it comes to a small kitchen.

However, small does not have to mean full and confused. In fact, a small space should be a space created according to a more detailed sequence plan than a large one.

If your kitchen is small and you don’t know at all how to start decorating it, here are a few great ideas to consider.

So keep reading when a small kitchen causes a headache – these are the four best ideas for decorating when space is tight!

1. The bottom of the space is key in small kitchens

A good base is absolutely paramount when you want to make a small kitchen spacious enough and well organized.

It is important to know how to arrange shelves and furniture to avoid shrinking space and thus creating cramped space.

The first step is to arrange the space according to its shape. Here are three main options to choose from, and we describe them below.

L-shaped kitchen

white kitchen

Many people think that using both sides in the kitchen will increase the space, but this is often not the case.

  • If your kitchen is very narrow, arranging it in an L-shape is the best solution, as this will allow you  to get a blank side where it is easy to move and the interior of the kitchen will be easier.
  • If you absolutely want to use both sides, it is best to put shelves on them, not furniture. This will help you avoid visual redundancy.
  • Remember that open spaces create light and a sense of volume.

One side kitchen

This idea is perfect if you have one room for two purposes (combined kitchen and living room or dining area). This is known as an “open kitchen”.

When one room is divided into two parts, the  best solution is to take advantage of the entire length of the wall,  and you should put all the shelves on this side.

A good tip here is to use vertical shelves to help you organize everything into one space – both cups and cutlery, for example.

U-shaped kitchen

u-shaped kitchen

This is one of the most popular models for kitchens. It is ideal for small spaces that are square in shape and where everything needs to be arranged geometrically.

The good thing about this is that the U-model allows for a comfortable space for cooking and other things to do.

2. Using lights to increase the volume of a small kitchen

If you are so lucky that you have large windows in your kitchen, you should make the most of them.

  • You can hang white curtains of thin fabric on your windows,  or use pastel shades or light colors that could create a more sense of space.
  • However, if you don’t have windows or if they’re poorly placed, it’s important to keep a good source of artificial light in your kitchen to help you create a comfortable environment.

Remember that good light will help make the room much more spacious. 

We recommend hanging the lamps from the ceiling so that they hang far down, or placing more lights under the shelves. These give a feeling of space and comfort.

3. Shelf placement to optimize space


Shelves are important to keep your kitchen organized, and  their material is essential to whether there is more or less sense of space. Kitchen decor with different materials is worth it.

  • In small kitchens, wood and steel are the most recommended, but  the best material is glass.
  • Use it on furniture, shelves and jars. Remember that glass not only lets light pass through, but it also reflects it. Therefore, glass causes the kitchen to appear to have much more space and the amount of light to increase.
  • On the other hand,  portable furniture and shelves with several compartments for storing various equipment are definitely recommended .

You can put shelves in any part, and in addition you get more workspace that is never too much in small kitchens!

4. Experiment with colors is worth it!

Colors are very important in small spaces, as dark tones minimize space and reduce light.

  • For very small kitchens,  we recommend white for walls, furniture, accessories and shelves. Namely, it brings a neutral look and provides plenty of light.

White helps prevent visual overload and makes everything look more transparent. You can choose this color for the walls and combine it with creamy or slightly darker shelves to get a good-looking contrast to the colors of your kitchen.

If you lack space in the kitchen, try our recommendations! With these tips, you will make your small kitchen  not only more practical, but also more pleasant.

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