Kidney Care With Grapes

Eat 15 grapes a day to stimulate your kidneys and get the most out of this delicious fruit.
Kidney treatment with grapes

How do you take care of your kidneys? Remember to drink enough water during the day? Have you eliminated excess salt from your diet? What about Do you exercise every day? All of the above issues need to be considered when it comes to kidney health. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about healthy lifestyles and develop excuses – at least until the day your kidneys start showing symptoms. Kidney care is very important for your overall well-being. In this article, we will talk about the health effects of grapes on the kidneys.

Radiation up to the abdomen in the lower back, burning sensation when urinating, changes in the color of the urine … All of these are signs that the kidneys are not working as they should. The kidneys are vital to the body’s function, as they, together with the liver, filter out dangerous substances from the body. These substances that are harmful to the body include, for example, pollutants, chemicals accumulated in food and cosmetics, and drug compounds. The kidneys and liver process the above substances from which they are excreted through the body through sweat, urine and faeces. If the kidneys are not working properly, harmful toxins can build up in the body.

So why not improve your lifestyle and make your life healthier? Add grapes to your diet, which will help improve kidney function immediately.

Kidney treatment with grapes

You can promote kidney health with grapes.


This information is sure to make you wake up to a reality: according to the U.S. Kidney Foundation, one in nine people develops kidney problems.  Kidney problems can range from simple urinary tract infections or nephritis to serious and chronic diseases that require aggressive treatment in the long term, such as dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Kidney health is a serious issue and the kidneys should be considered daily. Genetic considerations alone will not determine if you develop kidney problems, as your kidney health can be greatly affected by lifestyle choices. Lifestyle and eating habits are important for kidney function.

For this reason, it is important to add certain foods to your diet. These ingredients can improve the health and function of the kidneys, and help the kidneys to cleanse the blood and remove waste products from the body.

We therefore recommend that you start eating grapes daily, as this medicinal fruit contains compounds that protect the kidneys and take care of their function.

Effect of grape seeds on kidney function

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t spit grape seeds off:

  • Grape seed contains phenols and proanthocyanides, which are effective antioxidants. These help strengthen the kidneys and repair the damage.
  • In addition to antioxidants, the seeds contain vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene, which linger in the kidneys for up to three days after ingestion. These ingredients help the kidneys cleanse the blood, remove toxins and function at full capacity.
  • Grape seeds balance blood pressure, improve blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels.
  • According to a study presented in Applied Physiology, grape seeds and seed extract help regenerate kidney tissue after damage, as well as help overweight people burn fat. Excess adipose tissue is harmful to kidney health.
Grapes are good for the kidneys.

Benefits of grape juice

  • Natural grape juice with no added sugar is a real antioxidant bomb that protects the body from the effects of free radicals. Free radicals can negatively affect kidney function.
  • Don’t forget that grape juice dilates blood vessels, allowing them to be cleaned more effectively. Grape juice can be used to prevent hardening of the arteries and the accumulation of plaque, which also takes care of the kidneys in the long run.
  • According to an article in All 4 Natural Health, organically grown grapes reduce the amount of uric acid in the body and cleanse the kidneys and pay for waste products and waste.

Kidney care with grapes – how to act?

Remember that although grapes are a natural product, they still contain sugar. If you want to enhance their effect, you should enjoy them in moderation by following these guidelines:

  • About 15 grapes a day is enough to improve kidney health and renal tissue regeneration. By consuming 15 grapes you will not get too much sugar in your body.
  • Mornings are the best time to enjoy the grapes. You can add grapes to porridge, fruit salad or unflavoured yogurt. The grapes can also be snacked during the day as a snack.
  • Red grapes are the healthiest. Red grapes contain more antioxidants than green grapes. Don’t buy seedless grapes, but get used to rusting grapes with seeds.
  • Be sure to buy organic grapes as this will ensure you know that they have not been treated with insecticides or other harmful chemicals.
  • Be sure to wash the grapes before eating and enjoy them with their peel and seeds.
  • If you make your own grape juice, do not strain the liquid. Enjoy the seeds and shells among the juice. The grapes contain a lot of water, so they are easy to juice. The juice stays in the refrigerator for a few days.
  • Grapes are much more than fruit that is eaten for desserts or for breakfast. They are perfect for salads, vegetarian dishes and as a partner in meat dishes. The grape brings a nice sweet tone to support savory meals and is especially suitable for summer barbecue parties.

Whenever the grapes are in season, you should add them to your diet – at the same time, kidney care should also be considered.

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