Instructions For Measuring Blood Pressure At Home

When measuring blood pressure at home, make sure it is done properly. Therefore, you should follow some basic guidelines to ensure the reliability of the results.
Instructions for measuring blood pressure at home

If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is important to know the right steps to measure your blood pressure at home. Many measure this pressure at home to better prevent heart attacks and ischemia.

Doctors recommend this practice for those who have a problem with high blood pressure.

However, some patients do this simple preventative thing in a way that causes a lot of concern and misconceptions. This can then lead to many false alarms when the readings are thought to be other than what they actually are.

That’s why we want to offer eight tips for measuring blood pressure at home this time – this way you can do this calmly and pay proper attention to the results.

So keep reading so you can get on with this thing with less care – this is how you measure your blood pressure properly at home.

Correct position for measuring blood pressure

Some make the measurement by just lying on the bed, putting the monitor on, and starting to pump – completely ignoring their position. However, this is not the right way to measure blood pressure at home.

  • The correct position is such that the patient sits upright with his feet firmly on the floor.
  • It is important that the back is supported against a backrest or similar.
instructions for measuring blood pressure at home

The position of the arm is very important in measuring blood pressure

A simple change in arm or hand height can change results.

Whether the hand does any work during this is also something that can make the result change.

  • This is why doctors advise that the arm be properly supported against a table or other flat surface.
  • The arm should be immobile and comfortably accessible to the patient.

No movement during the test!

Some have made this procedure at home that they talk and move their hands when measuring blood pressure. However, this is not the correct course of action and may affect the measurement of blood pressure by distorting the result.

  • It is clear that any strong expression or worrying thoughts can change blood pressure in a short time.
  • That is why, if you want reliable results, the right choice is not to move when your blood pressure is being measured.

See what you eat half an hour before the measurement

alcohol raises blood pressure

Products such as alcohol and carbonated drinks often raise blood pressure  almost automatically. The word happens if you smoke a cigarette.

Thus, of course, it would be good to avoid such products during and before the measurement.

  • If you drink a carbonated beverage, wait an hour before taking the measurement.
  • Otherwise, there may be a risk that the results will be distorted, and this may cause additional concern quite unnecessarily.

Breaks between measurements

Older people are used to measuring blood pressure at home up to a few times a day. In fact, however, this procedure is considered by most specialized cardiologists 

  • The important thing here is to do the measurement twice a day. One measurement should be immediately in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other then an hour before dinner, in which case two measurements should be taken with one minute between them.
  • It is recommended that this be done in a comfortable place and at a reasonable temperature.

Use the right instruments to measure your blood pressure

instruments for measuring blood pressure

Some instruments can cause measurement errors, and therefore many fail to measure blood pressure quite accurately. It would be ideal to obtain equipment that has been approved by a national expert organization, such as the American  Heart Association.

That organization provides a list of criteria on its website that should be used as a guide when selecting a monitor to measure blood pressure.

Forget wrist devices

New technology for those living with high blood pressure is, of course, a comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing option. By this we mean the modern hand-held devices that are widely available today.

The problem is that these can cause variation in results, and this is due to hand movement.

When measuring your blood pressure, try to be as calm as possible

woman measuring blood pressure

One mistake that is often made in measuring blood pressure is that the reading is taken just after an awkward thing has been argued or gone through. In this case, higher values ​​are obtained, and this then produces unnecessary concern.

So you should always try to calm down a bit, take a deep breath and wait a while before using the monitor.

Even doctors always try to reassure people before they make their measurements. This is done to avoid “high blood pressure caused by a white coat”.

It can be said that too much anxiety can, firstly, affect the readings when measuring blood pressure, and it can also cause a problem that can get too loose.

Also, remember that the best way to avoid stress-related illnesses is to control and control your emotions, and a proper diet is also important.

Can you measure your blood pressure ? If you are taking this measurement at home, follow these guidelines to avoid inaccuracies and unnecessary worries.

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