How To Make Your Eyes More Attractive

One of the classic tips for makeup is this: highlight only one area of ​​your face at a time. So if you want your eyes to be the center of attention, you shouldn’t apply makeup on your lips too hard, but focus on eye makeup.
This will make your eyes more attractive

Fatigue, dark under-eye circles and small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes are considered by many women to be the biggest obstacle to eye appeal.  You may also want to make  a much bigger impression on your eyes , which you can do with a few gimmicks.

So how can the eyes be reshaped without the help of a surgeon?  Here you can use a few simple make-up tools, and natural home-based treatments will also help make your eyes look bigger.  Proper care of the eye area will affect your appearance so that you will look much healthier and softer. So in this article, we’ll look at how to make your eyes look bigger with treatments and makeup, so if that interests you, keep reading!

Make your eyes eye-catching with treatments and makeup

eyelids and spoon

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive. When you don’t sleep well, or if you’re just tired or suffering from a health problem, water, toxic substances, and fat accumulate under the eyes, which then appear as dark under-eye circles. It is very disturbing for many to see the same dark or purple “bags” every morning, which are sometimes difficult to cover and which seem impossible to get rid of.

This is why many women turn to makeup first. Is this the right solution then? Makeup is a good help, but it does not solve the problem itself, i.e. dark under-eye circles. So you should first resort to simple home remedies so you don’t have to wear a thick layer of makeup. Here are a few natural ways to make your eyes look softer.

1. Cold spoon and chamomile

This treatment is extremely easy to implement. When you wake up in the morning and see the familiar dark-speaking bags in the mirror, take two small teaspoons and put them in the frost. While letting them cool, go make a chamomile bath using 150 ml of water and 2 bags of chamomile. When the water starts to boil, put off the heat and let the liquid simmer.

Next, after 15 minutes,  take the spoons you left in the freezer and place them on top of your dark eyelids for at least 30 seconds.  Then take out the spoons, and replace them with the cotton swabs you’ve dipped in the chamomile tea you’ve made. This treatment is simply a contrast of hot and cold, which helps to remove dark bags because it activates blood circulation in the area. The treatment effectively removes the swelling under your eyes.

2. Shape your eyebrows

eyebrow makeup

In order to make your eyes look bigger, you should also pay attention to your eyebrows and their shape. Eyebrows frame the eyes and thus can give your look a very intense and elegant look. As you may already know, thick eyebrows are in vogue at the moment, but regardless of the thickness, the shape can be very well-groomed and neat.

3. The role of eyeshadow

make-up eyes

See the picture of a woman with makeup above. Two or three different shades have been used in the makeup to make the eyes look bigger. One secret to such beautiful and professional looking makeup is that there is a light color under the eyebrows. For this purpose, for example, a natural nude color can be used, which is very suitable for many people, and it expands those areas and gives the whole make-up light.

After this, a slightly darker shade is used in the outer corners of the eyes, and at this point the shape is allowed to rise upwards (as in the picture, the dark make-up areas rise upwards clearly). A light color is applied to the area of ​​the eyelid itself, but it must be shiny. This brings a beautiful glow and light to the look.

4. White eyeliner to brighten the inner eyelids

eye makeup

This remedy is guaranteed. Use a white eyeliner to crop the inside of your eyelid to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. This is an awesome trick that can be easily used in everyday makeup as well. You will end up with a very charming and bright look, and it doesn’t matter here whether the makeup is evening or daytime, as the pen can be used in the same way for both. So don’t leave this product out of your makeup bag as it is the real savior!

5. Longer and thicker eyelashes



This, too, has an effect on how big your eyes look. So how do you get longer and thicker eyelashes? There are certain types of make-up products as well as some simple household items. So try the following instructions.

Use of castor oil in the treatment of eyelashes

It is an old trick to put castor oil on the lashes every night, which acts as a treatment product that targets their condition. Take a little cotton wool, in which you put a few drops of castor oil, and moisten your lashes with a cotton ball while rubbing them a little. If you want, you can also mix olive oil or almond oil with castor oil, which are also useful in improving the condition of your lashes. The oils promote the growth of the lashes and give them good care.

Makeup increases the thickness of the lashes

Mascara is an absolute basic product for anyone who wants to make their eyes look bigger. Always put it in an upward motion, and start at the base of the lashes. When applying color, try to separate each lash as well as possible. After applying a thin layer, gently put a little talc on your lashes. This method gives your lashes more firmness, thickness and shine. Finally, put another layer of paint on them.

Next, apply borders to your eyes using the black crop color. We recommend that you always use a liquid product here rather than a solid pen, as the result will be cooler and more spectacular. Once you’ve put on the mascara and eyeshadow and you’re ready to do the trimming, do the following: Draw a slightly thicker line in the center of the eyelid, and make it thinner at the outer edges. This allows you to beautifully create continuous lines and wide-looking eyes on the sides – the result is an interesting and charming look.

6. Restrained lips that complete your makeup

make-up face

Finally, we add one more thing: always remember that  if you want to make your eyes look bigger and focus on them, you shouldn’t be applying your lips very hard at the same time. So keep them low-key and a little eye-catching. In this way, your make-up eyes get the main focus on your face, and it’s a good idea to choose a soft and light color for your lips, such as pink or natural nude. This will give you a charming and stylish finish to your makeup, designed to draw attention to your eyes.

So try these basic beauty and makeup tips if you want to make your eyes look bigger and more attractive!

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