How To Do A Face Wash Right Away

This is how you perform the evening wash of the face correctly

If you tend to live a very busy life, you may not always have much time to focus on yourself or take care of your appearance. While it is sometimes impossible, for example, to go to bed early enough, it would still be important to perform an evening wash with such care that you can ensure the well-being of your skin.

Why facial cleansing is important

In this matter, makeup is essential, meaning that if you go to bed with the day’s makeup on your face – or any impurities on your face – you could cause major harm to your skin, as the face is one of the most sensitive areas of human skin. 

In addition, it is always a good idea to take care of your skin so that it regenerates all the time.

So no matter how late you come home from partying, despite your fatigue, you should  wash your face thoroughly before you bed.

In this article, we want to give you a few tips on how to perform a facial evening wash while taking care of the well-being of your facial skin!

Facial evening wash – recommendations

Facial cleansing is an important routine

Spend enough time on it

In the evenings, spend about 15 minutes on your daily cleansing routine. If you get a pleasant and functional ritual done from this, you will definitely notice positive changes in the skin of your face.

Clean your face well

When you wash your face properly, you allow your skin to breathe properly, which in turn promotes cell renewal as well as makes it easier for impurities to leave your skin.

Avoid using soap as a facial cleanser

Often the effect of soap on the skin is the opposite of what would actually be necessary, meaning it may dry out your skin. However, if you want or need to wash your face with soap, you should ask your skin health professional for more specific instructions.

Exfoliate facial skin regularly

remember facial evening wash

You should exfoliate your skin  at least once a week. We recommend the use of natural products or the selection of brands that specialize in the manufacture of exfoliating products.

Rinse your face with warm water

The best choice for washing your face is warm water, because at this temperature you can remove all the toxic factors from your skin. Try rubbing the water on your face gently so as not to damage your skin while washing it.

Buy a comfortable and soft towel

You can safely use a good-feeling and soft towel whenever needed, as this kind of fabric will not cause damage to your facial skin. The quality of the towel is good to consider because, as we mentioned, facial skin is the most sensitive area of ​​skin in the body, and some seemingly harmless habits can be detrimental to it.

Other tips for evening facial cleansing

When you have little time

It often happens that time is simply not enough for everything. Then it’s easy to pinch time from where you can take it, and washing your face in the evening is, of course, one such thing.

We recommend the use of make-up removal wipes – they are practical and help to give your skin the moisture it needs.

Drying the skin after washing

Once you have your face cleansed, it is important to be careful even with your skin drying. Be gentle with this step, because if you dry your skin ruffled you may make its surface oily.

Using the right kind of face mask

In addition to the above, you should also pay attention to what kind of face mask you use for deep cleansing of your skin. The choice of this face mask should depend on your skin type, and it is usually advisable to use the mask once a week before going to bed.

evening wash of the face prevents pimples

Removal of impurities from the skin

It is necessary to perform an evening wash of the face even when you have not applied makeup at all during the day, as oil always accumulates on the skin despite this.

Start cleaning with a product designed for it or natural soap (also note that the soap should only be for your own use). First, moisten your face with warm water, and then rub the soap on your skin.

Finally, rinse your entire face so that no soap is left on it, and also make sure that every area of ​​your face has been rinsed with water. If possible, repeat this step again.

Drying of the skin

As we mentioned earlier,  you should dry your face with a very comfortable and soft towel so that you don’t just damage your skin by drying it harshly. You can use all the time you need to do this to allow your face to dry properly – there is usually no reason to leave your skin wet after washing it.

Nourishing the skin with care products

After drying, we recommend that you use a face cream that gives your skin antioxidants. These protect it from free radicals that result from exposure to the sun and pollution.

Benefits of evening face wash:

  • Your skin is able to breathe properly
  • You increase the effectiveness of beauty products on your skin
  • You can delay the appearance of wrinkles
  • Makes your skin look brighter
  • You promote the fact that you look perky
  • By cleansing your skin well, you fight acne and blackheads
  • You will make your skin look better overall, meaning it will be much smoother and fresher

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