How To Clean The Leaves Of Indoor Plants

Have you ever cleaned the leaves of your greenery? You should. It can be something that prevents your plant from growing.
How to clean the leaves of indoor plants

Home cleaning should extend to the smallest cavities and clumps, even plants. Did you know that you can make them glow with just a few easy steps? Indoor plant leaves also need care!

Is it necessary to clean the leaves of indoor plants?

Yes, it is important. Keeping the leaves clean and healthy helps the plants breathe. Dust or air pollution can accumulate on the leaves and significantly reduce the amount of light received by plants.

As you probably know, a lower amount of sunlight means less chlorophyll, which in turn leads to the plant becoming ill. If the situation drifts to that point, the plant will not only begin to turn yellow and stop growing, but may even die. 

indoor plant

Thus, cleaning indoor plants is extremely important as they do not get the occasional cleaning brought by rain. You should clean them at least twice a month.

Means for cleaning plant leaves

1. Water as the primary source

Of course, you don’t  have to be an expert to know that water is a good way to clean leaves.

You can try putting the plant in the shower and washing it gently with warm water. Thus, your plant will receive small drops of water instead of a strong flow that can damage the leaves. Using a hose or spray bottle is also a good habit.

If you feel the plant is too dry, you can combine a liter of water with a small amount of organic shower gel. Wash the leaves gently and rinse with clean water. People who recommend soapy water suggest protecting the substrate or lying the plant sideways so that the mixture only stays in the leaves.

2. Natural polisher

The use of a natural polisher is effective, except for plants with convex leaves or small hairs; avoid using a polisher on such plants. Use a sponge or soapy water to gently wipe the leaves and get a healthier shine; you can also try using olive oil. Both options give your plant a great shine.

3. Clean the leaves of the indoor plants with milk or beer

While it may seem amazing, milk is the perfect product to get a healthy looking plant. It’s easy: dip a cloth in the milk and wipe the leaves you want to clean. You will immediately notice the end result. You can also use a little beer instead of milk.

clean the leaves of the inner plant with milk

4. Banana peels for plant cleaning

Wiping the leaves of houseplants with the inside of banana peels makes them clean and shiny. Just like with milk, you will immediately notice an improvement in the appearance of the plant. It becomes greener and more radiant.

5. Clean the leaves of the indoor plants with a toothbrush

We urged our list of cleanser number two to be careful with velvety plants or plants with small hairs. An old toothbrush can be used to clean such plants.

It’s easy: take the leaf in the other palm of your hand and brush it lightly with a toothbrush. Start at the base of the magazine and proceed gently towards the tip. Be sure to rinse the toothbrush every now and then and make sure it is completely dry before cleaning the leaves.

You can also use several other items to clean the leaves, such as a soft-brushed brush or barrel cleaner. In addition, you can even use the plant’s own leaf to clean the dust from others.

Other recommendations

When the leaves of a plant are cleaned, they must also be cared for in other ways. One example that may well be the most important of all is the removal of dead leaves and branches of a plant. 

If the plant has withered, dry, yellowed or brittle leaves, you should remove them. Removing them allows the plant to dedicate all its resources to maintaining and growing its healthy parts.

Take into account the plant’s own characteristics in order to be able to take proper care of it. For example,  you should not water the leaves of certain plants. Such are, for example, cacti and succulents. Such plants should be cleaned without water.

It only takes a few minutes to clean the leaves of your plant. However, it has great implications for their well-being. If you use plants in your home decor, bright and healthy plants will completely change the atmosphere of your home. 

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