How Can I Use Canary Seeds For Weight Loss?

Canary seeds have been used for quite some time to supplement weight loss because these small seeds contain a surprisingly large amount of nutrients and help burn fat. 
How can I use canary seeds for weight loss?

Only a larger number of people have started using canary seeds for weight loss. They have been considered only as bird food for a long time, but now they have become popular among the people as well.

These small seeds come from the  plant Phalaris canariensis and contain a considerable amount of enzymes and amino acids. These nutrients help many of your body’s vital organs to function properly.

They are good at removing fat,  lowering cholesterol, and improving metabolism,  i.e., preventing metabolic syndromes such as diabetes.

People are starting to become more interested now that they realize that canary seeds can help them lose weight while nourishing their bodies. Are you also interested? In this article, you will learn how to make them and add them to your diet.

How to utilize canary seeds for weight loss?

You can take advantage of canary seeds for weight loss.

There are many reasons to use canary seeds for weight loss. They are easy to underestimate, but they are actually a  significant source of essential nutrients,  including:

  • Lipase and other digestive enzymes. Canary seeds help destroy the fat cells in your body so that your body uses them for energy.
  • Vegetable Protein:  Recommended for improving athletic performance and muscle building.
  • Diuretic and detoxifying properties. Canary seeds help your body remove toxins and excess fluid from your body.
  • Antioxidants. These seeds accelerate cellular metabolism and create a barrier to protect tissues from free radicals.
  • Dietary fiber. In addition to improving digestion, they also help you feel full for longer and lower cholesterol.

Canary seeds can also help improve your  blood circulation and minimize the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

Nutritional properties of canary seeds

The nutrients in canary seeds make them a perfect part of a balanced diet. They  are low in calories  and provide even more potassium than bananas.

112 g of canary seeds contain:

  • 831 mg of potassium
  • 236 mg of calcium
  • 431 mg of magnesium
  • 112 mg of folic acid

In addition, 100 g of canary seed may be obtained:

  • 8 g of carbohydrates
  • 13 g protein
  • 2 g fat

How can I use canary seeds for weight loss?

Try canary seed milk to lose weight.


Canary seeds are very nutritious when dry, but soaking them triggers certain chemical processes that increase their fiber content, cellulose, and easily absorbed proteins. So if your goal is to lose weight, canary seed milk is the best option. It is low in calories and easy to add to the diet because the taste is mild and pleasant.


  • 6 tablespoons canary seeds
  • 1 liter of water


  • Add the seeds to a container with water and let soak overnight.
  • Strain them the next day and place the dehydrated seeds in a blender with water.
  • Stir for a few seconds until the mixture is smooth.
  • Filter with a fine mesh strainer.
  • Drink the first cup of canary seed milk in the morning without any other food.
  • Divide the rest of the milk into two or three servings and drink through the rest of the day.

What kind of canary seeds should I use?

Do not use canary seed for birds.

It is very important to distinguish between the use of canary seed for human consumption and the use of canary seed for bird feeding. Although their nutritional properties are almost the same, seeds for birds contain silica, which is a danger to humans.

Look for canary seeds marked “does not contain silica”. They are available at health food stores or online at relatively affordable prices. However, be careful! Silica is very small and easy to miss, but also dangerous as it can damage the mucous membranes of your digestive system.

Are you ready to make canary seed milk and lose weight? If you haven’t yet incorporated it into your diet, try this recipe and see how healthy it really is.

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