Get Rid Of Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

In this article, we will find out where wrinkles in the eye area are caused, how they can be faded and treated with natural methods. Magpie toes appear in the corners of the eyes for everyone as they age, and it is a completely natural part of the aging process.

Get rid of wrinkles around the eyes with these tips.

Wrinkles in the corner of the eye are facial lines that can appear at a relatively early stage, as the skin of the eyes is thin and sensitive and wrinkles easily. What causes magpie toes? How can their development be slowed down?

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles occur especially if the eye area is constantly tense. For example, if you have to squint your eyes at a computer for days, it will strain your eyes and the skin around your eyes. Squeaking wrinkles the skin of the corners of the eyes and accelerates the formation of wrinkles.

Hissing is common, especially in myopia and in people who work on tasks that require precision in too little light.

If your eyes get tired quickly as you stare at the computer screen, you may squint your eyes unnoticed. If you are nearsighted, it is important to wear glasses or contact lenses prescribed by your optician. You can also relax your eyes with relaxation exercises and massages. Here’s how to do it:

  • If your eyes get tired during the day, rinse your eye area with cold water. Cold water accelerates blood circulation and refreshes immediately. For example, if you wear makeup and don’t want it to get tangled, you can rinse your hands in cold water, dry them, and press them into the eye area while they’re still cold. Cold gel packs are also suitable for this.
  • Aim to gently rub the skin around the eyes every day. Massage enhances blood circulation and relaxes the skin. Start the massage from the inside corner of the cornea and make small rotating movements.
  • If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer or in precision tasks where your gaze is constantly focused on one point, we recommend relaxing your eyes every few hours. Rub your hands together until they warm up and press your fingers on your eyelids for a few minutes. The heat relaxes the muscles and skin and improves vision, again allowing you to focus on your work properly.
  • The easiest way to relax quickly is to close your eyes tightly, relax them, and take a deep breath a few times.
wrinkles and a woman's face

Impaired liver function

Another cause of magpie toes may be impaired liver function – surprising but true. What causes liver dysfunction?

  • Poor diet is one of the biggest factors affecting liver health. Fatty foods, sugar, additives and preservatives make frost on the liver.
  • Excessive alcohol use and smoking.
  • Negative energy such as stress and constant irritability and feelings of anger.

How is impaired liver treated?

  • Prefer healthy and clean foods such as organic vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, dried fruits and seeds. Leave out junk food and cook your food from scratch with good ingredients.
  • Enjoy the dandelion extract.
  • Do things you enjoy and leave out things that are bad and stressful. Pamper both your mental and physical health.
  • Before going to bed, you can treat your liver by hand by placing a bottle of hot water on your chest, above your liver. The heat relaxes the liver.
wrinkles and dandelions

Lack of silicon in the body

Silicon is an important mineral for the body that begins to evaporate from the body after the age of 40. Silicon is involved in the production of new skin cells and takes care of the hair, nails and bones in addition to the skin.

Add silicon to your diet either by ingesting silicon-containing ingredients or dietary supplements. Silicon occurs in nature e.g. ferns of the genus Fern.

Eye care

The skin around the eyes should also be treated with externally moisturizing and rejuvenating products. Try homemade care products that don’t require much from your wallet or manufacturer. Natural products are good for both the body and the environment, and they do not burden the body with unnecessary chemicals.

Especially those with sensitive skin and those prone to allergies should try natural products, as they contain significantly less irritating ingredients than commercial products.

The skin around the eyes is thin and should be treated in the morning and evening with  , for example, rosehip oil and castor oil. Both of these oils are great for thin, dry or aging skin. Add a few drops of essential geranium oil to the oil mixture as it will help the skin to regenerate.

Rub the oil on your fingertips and apply it around the eyes as soon as you wake up and in the evening before going to bed.

wrinkles and their treatment with oil

Also try these ways to treat and relax the skin around your eyes:

  • cold throat slices
  • raw potato slices
  • chamomile tea (boil water, let the chamomile tea bags stand in the water for about 5 minutes, let cool slightly and put on your eyes)

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