Get Rid Of Ants Without Chemicals

If there are small children or pets in the family, it is important to avoid the use of strong chemicals in the home. Natural products are often cheaper and completely harmless to humans and the environment – except for ants.
Get rid of ants without chemicals

Many homes struggle against ants, especially during the summer. Old wooden houses are vulnerable to ants and appear especially in the kitchen.

It is difficult to get rid of these tiny insects completely, especially when there is a lot in the home that attracts them to it. Food scraps, certain plants, and debris can cause ants to come back again and again.

The best way to get rid of ants permanently is to keep your kitchen and other areas tidy. If ants become a real nuisance, you can try a few easy ways to banish them before they ruin your pantry or garden.

There are more powerful insect repellents available today that are full of dangerous chemicals. These products are harmful to humans and the environment, and you certainly would not want them to fall into the hands of children or the mouth of a pet.

In this article, we offer an alternative to these toxins. You can try one of these six 100% natural and chemical-free pesticides. Evict ants safely and naturally.

1. Lemon


get rid of ants with the help of lemon

Many people may not know that lemon is a great way to repel insects. Lemon easily replaces dangerous chemicals and works just as effectively.

The acids contained in lemon keep ants away from the garden and indoors. Try the lemon today!


  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 liter of water
  • Spray bottle

This is how you make a spray

  • Squeeze the lemon juice into a spray bottle and add water. Shake.
  • Spray the mixture abundantly on all those areas where ants occur.
  • You can use the spray many times a day if needed.

2. Coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are suitable for reuse, as they still contain a lot of active ingredients even after the first use.

Coffee grounds can be used to make chemical-free insect repellent. Coffee has a strong odor that ants and other insects cannot tolerate.


  • 2 tablespoons used coffee grounds
  • 1 liter of water

This is how it is made

  • Mix the coffee grounds with water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on all areas where ants are present, especially on their walkways and kitchen levels.
  • Use the spray at least three times a week to keep ants at bay completely.

3. Mint


get rid of ants using mint

Use fresh mint or essential mint oil to repel ants. Mint is great as an insect repellent, as its strong aroma is unpleasant for insects.

Mint keeps ants away from the garden and indoors.


  • 2 sachets of mint tea, or a few handfuls of fresh mint
  • Peppermint oil (alternative ingredient)

This is how it is completed

  • Make a couple of cups of mint tea and enjoy in good company.
  • Cut the used tea bags open and scrape the tea leaves into a bowl. Sprinkle the contents of the tea bag on areas where ants can enter the apartment: doors, windows, crevices, etc.
  • You can also spray water mixed with water in the same places.

4. Apple cider vinegar

The scent of vinegar is intense and ants cannot tolerate it. Sprayed apple cider vinegar especially on doorways, window frames, and kitchen countertops and near the trash can. In a few hours, the ants will be completely gone.


  • 125 ml of apple cider vinegar
  • 125 ml of water
  • Spray bottle

This is how it is completed

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Spray on kitchen countertops, sinks, windows and other areas where you will notice ants.
  • Use the spray every day.

5. Baking soda and sugar


get rid of ants with sugar and baking soda

Ants and other insects love sugar, and sugar attracts them to them with lightning speed. By mixing baking soda with sugar, you make a strong and deadly mixture for insects. Insects cannot resist the call of sugar and they die from the effects of baking soda, even though baking soda is a harmless substance to humans.


  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (fine or powdered sugar)

This is how it is completed

  • Mix baking soda and sugar together and sprinkle on ant routes.
  • Use at least three times a week to get rid of ants permanently.

6. Cornmeal

With cornmeal, you can get rid of ants quickly and permanently. Don’t mix cornmeal with other ingredients, it’s great on its own. Sprinkle flour on the ant passageways to keep them away.


  • Corn flour

This is how you use cornmeal

  • Sprinkle cornmeal on the garden, terrace, near the doors, in the corners of the kitchen and in the pantry.

All the insect repellents presented in this article are completely natural and safe. Non-chemical products are safe for the youngest in the family, pets and the environment – so you don’t pollute waterways or expose the smaller ones in the economy to dangerous chemicals. Not always do these natural products work the way you want them to or as fast as strong chemicals, so try them patiently and you will eventually get rid of ants.

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