Flat Stomach With Apple Diet

Although the apple diet is quite strict at first, it is ideal for cleansing the body and speeding up the metabolism, which helps to lose weight in a healthy way.
Flat stomach with apple diet

When was the last time you cleansed your body of toxins? Want to shed a few extra pounds fast? Do it easily with this apple diet!

Abdominal slimming is done quickly and effectively with this apple diet. It is a practical and inexpensive option, as the ingredients needed for it are available to everyone. The only thing to consider is that the diet is very restrictive, so it is not recommended to follow for long periods of time.

Lose weight effectively with an apple diet

However, do not continue on this apple diet for more than five days. Also note that in the first few days, you may feel like you don’t have enough energy.

1 day

On the first day of the apple diet, only apples are eaten. This will make you feel a little hungry, but you will also lose more weight (about 1.5 kg).

drop weight with apple diet

No need to worry about nutrients. Apples are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients.

The body also does not suffer from a lack of energy as it utilizes the energy already stored in the body. For this reason, pounds start to shed.


  • 2 apples


  • 1 apple

Evening food

  • 3 apples

2nd day

On the second day of the diet, vegetables are added to the diet to help keep hunger at bay. Olive oil provides fats that moisturize and improve cell quality.

You can use sea salt for seasoning.


  • 1 apple + 1 glass of soy milk


  • 1 apple + salad (2 carrots, 1 small beetroot, mint leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper)


  • 2 apples

Day 3

On the third day of the apple diet, the body receives benign low-fat protein. Vegetarians can use tofu, for example, instead of cheese or meat.


If you’re not a vegetarian, but still crave an alternative other than meat or cheese, you can eat yogurt.


  • 1 apple + scrambled eggs 2 eggs + 1 slice of wholemeal bread


  • 1 apple + salad (1 cucumber + 1 tomato + ½ avocado + basil leaves + 30 g cheese + salt + pepper + olive oil)


  • 1 apple + salad (2 slices of turkey + 2 carrots + 1 dl boiled broccoli + salt + pepper)

Day 4

On the fourth day of the apple diet, more complex carbohydrates are eaten.

Potatoes and lentils make fiber and prepare the stomach for a more varied meal. You can eat other legumes instead if you want.

Green and black tea provide antioxidants that strengthen the body. You can drink as much tea as you want throughout the day.


  • Smoothie with 1 apple + 2 celery stalks + half a small beetroot + 125 ml soy milk


  • 1 apple + lentil soup + cup of black tea


  • 1 apple + vegetable soup + ½ boiled potatoes + a cup of green tea

5 day

The diet of the last day of the apple diet includes a greater amount of more varied food. The idea is to prepare your body for a healthy diet later.

If you have followed this diet, your metabolism will be accelerated. This means that you are ready to make better use of the nutrients you get from food.

lose weight with apple diet and fish

If you don’t like potatoes, you can switch them to sweet potatoes, lentils or beans.


  • 1 apple + 2 boiled eggs + roasted vegetables


  • 1 apple + oven baked fish + ½ boiled potatoes + steamed vegetables


  • 1 apple + 5 nuts + ½ glass of almond milk

Things to consider when losing weight with the apple diet

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water. Make sure you drink it at least two liters every day, definitely. Ideally, divide that amount evenly throughout the day, starting in the morning with one glass on an empty stomach. Also drink a glass before going to bed.
  • Eat healthy and fresh organic food. Try to avoid frozen foods as they do not have as many nutrients.

Take the tips in this article to help you lose weight, and effectively drop a few extra pounds off with this easy apple diet! It is a healthy way to cleanse your entire body at once.

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