Five Fattening Diet Foods And Drinks

Many weight loss tips, tricks and recipes don’t always work. There are some diet foods and drinks that can actually make you fat.
Five fattening diet foods and drinks

People are constantly experimenting with different diets, and there are a lot of different tricks, tips and recipes for weight loss and weight management. However, they do not always work. Some diet foods can actually make you fat. In this article, we share five fattening diet foods or drinks.

As a general rule, a dieter should avoid biscuits, candy, fat and chocolate, among other things. Daily eating of these products leads to obesity. But there are other types of foods that are considered healthy and good for dieters, but that can actually make you gain weight.

Listed below are five fattening diet foods or drinks.

Healthy weight loss diets

When it comes to weight loss, the first thing to do should be to eliminate unhealthy and excessive fat, desserts, lappers and sweets from your diet. Healthy foods should be chosen instead.

However, many of the foods we consider healthy are not really that, as the harm they cause is almost equivalent to that of flour and sugar.

Nutritionist and chef Amelia Winslow says some of the products considered an ally of the dieter are actually everything else. They are foods that can make you gain weight.

Five fattening diet foods or drinks

1. Diet drinks

Many diet drinks can actually make you fat

Scientists believe that when we eat or drink something sweet, our bodies expect to get calories. But when drinks don’t even contain calories, the body responds by slowing down the metabolism, which then lowers insulin levels and makes you gain weight.

What should be drunk instead of such drinks?

The most recommended drink is water. You can also try sugar-free iced tea, lemon water or various stews.

2. Low fat diet foods

When people buy low-fat products, they tend to eat 30% more of that food. This is of no use because the person eventually ends up eating more.

It is also important to monitor portion sizes for healthy food and stay away from low-fat products. The most important are dose sizes.

3. Flavored yogurts

Flavored yogurts are a fattening diet food

Many consider yogurt to be a good product for digestion because it contains healthy bacteria. While this is true, the best option is just natural yogurt, i.e. one that does not contain added sugar and is not flavored in any other way.

Flavored yogurts are usually sweetened with too much sugar and corn syrup. A good option is to add fresh fruit to the unflavoured yogurt itself to give it sweetness.

4. Packaged fruit

Producers know when packing fruit that they won’t stay good on store shelves for long. Because of their shelf life and also their taste, they are often supplemented with high-fructose corn syrup.

Fresh seasonal fruits are always the best option.

5. Sports drinks

Sports drinks are for those on the go

Top athletes drink such drinks, which is why people consider them healthy. However, such drinks are practically just sugar water, which only increases the number of calories consumed.

These drinks are only recommended for people who exercise because they replace the sugars that are lost during exercise. Otherwise, they are not recommended to be drunk.

Here were five clear examples of fattening diet food. To help you reach your weight loss goal, here are some basic tips on dieting.

Tips for dieter diet

  • There are no single, miraculously healing “fat burners”. All products, foods and supplements only supplement a low calorie diet. In other words, they cannot work miracles alone; they only work as long as the diet as a whole is well designed for your needs.
  • Also eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important nutrients for the body, even when on a diet. The best source of carbohydrates is whole grains, which provide more fiber and nutrients.
  • What about fat? Yes, as long as it is of high quality. Fat is an essential nutrient, in moderation. Try benign olive oil as a salad dressing and in the preparation of meals. Being on a diet does not require compromising taste. Olive oil also provides Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as vitamins A, D and E.
  • Dinner is not the enemy. Just as the day should start firmly with breakfast, it would also be good to end the meal. Evening food is important because during sleep, the body has to be on average eight hours without food. Even while sleeping, enough energy is needed for bodily functions.


Remember that losing weight is not just about reducing calories, it is also important to burn the calories you eat. This does not require exercising in the gym or professional training. For example, start walking, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go hiking in nature or take a walk on the beach.

Obviously, sitting on the couch at least doesn’t help with weight loss. Our bodies are created to exercise, and by exercising you get to eat a little more even with diet.

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