Emotion Suppression Increases Anxiety

If you don’t want to show your feelings in public, make sure you let your feelings out when you get to a safe place, like home and cry, yell, laugh or whatever helps your feelings come out. Suppressing them can damage your mental health.
Suppression of emotions increases anxiety

Suppression of emotions can become very troublesome. Emotions need to be shown, they need to get out into daylight – they don’t have to be kept inside.

Anxiety can be caused by problems with emotions. Maybe emotions are not easy to control or they are not easy to show to others.

Do you feel silly when you are alone and crying? Don’t you dare scream, even as you press your face against the pillow? If this sounds familiar, you may have repressed feelings.

What beliefs affect you?

Suppression of emotions increases anxiety.


When emotion-based problems arise, it is good to note what kind of beliefs contribute to emotional suppression.

What kind of beliefs are that?

  • Only the weak cry.
  • Showing emotions is childish.
  • The situation needs to be in control, after all, I’m an adult.
  • I am strong and I keep this feeling to myself.

Many thoughts may seem real, but in fact they only lead to actions that hurt you.

Children show their feelings without shame and little by little the parents ’teachings about controlling their emotions are starting to get through. Parents encourage good behavior, tell them to stop a certain behavior, and stop crying, which subconsciously begins to suppress the child’s emotions.

As you grow up, you will feel like you are in your own prison. The suppression of emotions goes so far for some that they are unable to cry even when alone.

Everything else may go well, but when anxiety starts to creep in, it’s a clear sign to you that you need to let your feelings out.

Suppression of emotions can cause anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by hidden feelings.

Anxiety can creep very slowly. If you don’t give it the attention it needs, it will grow in size.

When you start to get anxious, it’s time to get to know yourself better and look inside so you can better manage your emotions. This in no way means suppressing and directing emotions, but showing emotions.

If you’re angry, why not show it? You don’t have to scream or become furious.

Learn to listen to yourself, be convincing and confident. With the right word choices, you can tell you are angry instead of keeping it to yourself.

  • If you don’t want to shout in public, you can expect to get home and shout on a pillow or an empty room.
  • The most important thing is to express your feelings, let it out and not keep it inside you.

It doesn’t matter if you feel embarrassed. No one sees you. It is a process and can very well be a liberating one.

If you don’t let your feelings out, anxiety will start to take hold of your life.

What exactly is the problem?

You feel liberated when you express your feelings.


If you want to stop suppressing your emotions and understand what beliefs affect you, it is sometimes necessary to look deep into what is going on there.

Why is this so hard?

Because it hurts. There’s probably an old wound inside you that hasn’t healed yet and is still biting your mind.

Let the pain feel and make the effort to find the roots of the anxiety so you can move on to continue your life successfully. This is how you do yourself a favor and get to solve the problem. After all, if you are aware of what is happening to you, it will be much easier to fix it.

Are you anxious? Do you often suppress your feelings? Put a point to this, even if the journey is long, awkward and tiring, it’s worth it. Let it all out and keep nothing inside you anymore, and you will help yourself to prevent the explosion of accumulated emotions.

Do not suppress your feelings or may suffer from severe anxiety.

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