Eleven Ways To Recycle Old Appliances

To recycle old appliances, all you need is your imagination and the right tools to turn them into new items.
Eleven ways to recycle old appliances

Unfortunately, home appliances sometimes break down. Some even talk about “planned obsolescence,” meaning that factories themselves plan equipment to break down after a certain amount of time. Indeed, many people have a lot of old and broken household appliances in their homes, such as computers, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions. Usually a broken home appliance is replaced with a new one and the old one is taken to the nearest recycling center. However, old appliances can also be turned into stunning, original and fun decor items with a little ingenuity and tools. Here are eleven ways to recycle your old appliances!

The drum of the washing machine gives you an original lamp

11 ways to recycle old appliances

Here are some great ideas to provide inspiration the next time something in your home appliance breaks down. Any home appliance from the fridge to the TV can be reused.

  1. Make the old TV a fish bowl. (We mean, of course, those very large old-time televisions).
  2. You can also make a small fish bowl from the screen of an old computer. For this purpose, the inside must be patched to prevent water from leaking through.
  3. The washing drums of the washing machine can be converted into lamps. Disassemble them, clean and color them. You will fall in love with the end result! They can be made into both floor and ceiling lamps.
  4. Make a small refrigerator Side table. It can be used to store dishes, glasses, bottles and napkins. The exterior can be painted with chalkboard paint to give the home an original look.
  5. Turn your old computer screen into a small house for your pet.
  6. Use the racks of an old dishwasher to store books, video cassettes or CDs. Because they have wheels, they can be moved easily.
  7. Cutlery racks can be used for pens and all kinds of school supplies.
  8. If you are a skilled builder, you can make an entire dishwasher an armchair.
  9. Use the old refrigerator as a bookshelf.
  10. Attach the glass to the old TV to get a side table.
  11. From an old toaster, you can make a decorative item by adding decorative tiles and beads.

The importance of recycling

Old appliances can be recycled

In reality, few know what to do with old appliances. Often, you don’t want to take them in for repair, as it may be better to invest money in a new device than to pay for a repair of an old one.

In this case, we’ll tell you where you can take old, broken, or damaged appliances that you don’t want to reuse.

What to do with old appliances

Many are wondering what exactly can be done for a broken down household appliance. It’s good to know that by no means should it just be left on the street. Household appliances cannot be thrown in the nearest trash, as it is a kind of pollution.

Usually, places that sell household appliances also accept broken and old household appliances. One way to get rid of a broken device is to take it to a store. You can also donate old appliances to those who need them or sell them.

When your appliance is broken and cannot be repaired, look for a local recycling center that will accept large and heavy appliances. If you do not know where the nearest recycling center is located, ask for advice.

You can also resort to services that pick up large appliances right from your door. This is one of the best ways to recycle old appliances.

Keep in mind the three K’s: prune, reuse and recycle

As you can see, old appliances can be made into anything, from shelves to aquariums and side tables. It is important to note that building them is not simple and requires patience and a lot of tools.

If you like recycling and there is enough space at home for such crafts, try miraculously making old household appliances useful utensils.

Objects other than ours will surely come to mind. Use only your imagination!

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