Did You Know That Overtime Can Have An Effect On Your Heart?

Did you know that it is important to divide your day into sections to avoid overtime affecting your health? It is important to engage in a variety of activities in addition to rest and fun.
Did you know that overtime can have an effect on your heart?

The modern world is very demanding and hectic. Tensions and anxiety are ready to explode at any moment. Time goes by fast and work only seems to increase all the time.

Many people drown in their workload. Unfortunately, it is a major factor in the development of heart disease.

Today, there are a lot of people who work overtime. In addition to not having time to enjoy life, it can also cause serious health problems as well as increase the likelihood of heart attack risk.

The work is good, but not too much. Everything should have its limits.

Health effects of overtime

Your body feels when you work more than normal. In addition, the symptoms appear earlier than you imagine.

There are all kinds of symptoms of fatigue, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Back pain

The problem is that many people do not pay attention to such symptoms.

Even one overtime hour a day can affect your health. Usually people respond to overtime by working harder.

However, this puts their health at risk in a dangerous way. Working too hard can endanger your health.

Physical or mental work

effects of overtime on mental health

These health effects are not just due to physical work. Work can also have consequences if you experience mental strain.

These are the main causes of various illnesses such as stress and anxiety. In addition to overtime, the following factors can also be dangerous:

  • Overtime combined with obesity and a low-moving lifestyle  increases the likelihood of having a heart attack.
  • The situation worsens if the person smokes. This is a dangerous combination that increases the likelihood of circulatory failure.

Prevention of heart attacks and stroke

Excessive work is the main cause of such diseases.

Anxiety, stress and exhaustion are the result of excessive work. They provide space for other health problems. So it is important to pay attention to the signs given by your body.

You should take action to prevent such diseases. Remember: you can’t delay these solutions indefinitely. Then it may be too late.

Tips for your work day

  • First, it is important to determine a regular working day.
  • Overtime should only be added if necessary. If your body is already weakened, it is better not to work overtime.
  • To prevent heart problems, it is a good option not to take work home. When leaving work, it is good to leave work. It is of no use to go home and keep working. It’s like doing overtime.
  • One should divide the day into three parts: work, rest and leisure.
  • If possible, these three parts should take the same amount of time. The healthiest way is to dedicate 8 hours to each.

Positive mental view of work problems

health effects of overtime: anxiety

Obsession with work brings negative consequences. You end up just paying for the health costs of overtime.

Above all, it should be remembered that health is a priority.  It takes precedence over work in progress, problems with co-workers, and responsibilities.

All of this is related to an important exit ability. It is very important not to bring problems from work home.

Physical activities and entertainment are a great help in getting out. A half hour walk, a sport, a gym or a dance class are all good ways to figure out thoughts. There are other similar activities like music, meditation, hobbies and so on.

Take care of yourself and your body will thank you.

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