Cassava Effectively Fights Arthritis

Cassava, or cassava, resembles a potato, and these two dishes are varied in many recipes. Cassava can relieve the pain and swelling that occurs as a result of arthritis.
Cassava effectively fights arthritis

Cassava, or cassava, is a root that grows in tropical regions of South and North America, Asia, and Africa. Today, it is found in stores around the world.

This time we talk about the use of this plant in cooking, and it is more than just a nutritious product – manioc is recommended as a natural remedy for the treatment of arthritis.

What is cassava?

This vegetable may look externally halo or something similar, but it is obtained from shrubs. It contains polycarbohydrates, so cassava is a very energy-rich product.

Due to its composition, taste and great nutrient content , cassava is often compared to potatoes and sweet potatoes, and these products can vary in different recipes.


Why does cassava help fight arthritis?

According to some studies, cassava  contains a compound called saponin, which has the ability to relieve pain caused by arthritis. At the same time, it slows down the process of deterioration in the body associated with this disease.

Another great benefit of this vegetable is that it does not have the kind of side effects like indigestion that very often occur as a result of using traditional medicines.

Eating cassava every day can reduce the pain, swelling and stiffness that arthritis brings with it.

Who should eat cassava?

Cassava is very popular in many countries where it is readily available in stores. Its price is also very low compared to many other products. It has become a real favorite in certain regions, such as Africa.

Cassava is known for the awesome energy it provides (this energy-rich area is located at the base). Thus, it is  an ideal option for children, young people, athletes and all those people who have to do hard physical work.

In terms of digestion, cassava is very easy and can benefit people who suffer from some indigestion such as heartburn, stomach ulcer or stomach upset.


How should cassava be handled in cooking?

Cassava can well be eaten directly as food or alternatively as a supplement:

  • If you choose to use it as a  supplement, enjoy the product for three months, then wait three months, and repeat the course. You can also take this supplement when arthritis is very severe.
  • If you prefer to enjoy cassava with your meals, prepare it in the same way as a potato.  You can try cassava, for example, in omelettes, stews, fried, oven-baked or prepared in many other ways.

It is worth remembering this: cassava is not just a gluten-free product, but is used in many recipes suitable for people with celiac disease. Tapioca flour, for example, can be used, for example, in the manufacture of bread and cakes instead of wheat flour, and gives the same delicious taste and composition as ordinary flour.

Cassava breads

Required ingredients :

  • 3.6 dl of water
  • 2.4 dl of virgin olive oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 200 grams of cheese
  • 500 grams of tapioca
  • Alternative spices: garlic, paprika, ground pepper, etc.

This is how it is made

  • Preheat oven to 175 degrees.
  • Mix all the ingredients together to get a smooth mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into the muffin tins and fill the cups so that they are a little less than half full. However, be sure to spray or moisten the cups with oil first to prevent the dough from sticking to them. Silicone molds can also be used and require less oil.
  • Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 175 degrees on low level to get a smooth dough to rise.
  • Eat still warm, and enjoy!

Other useful foods in the treatment of arthritis

onions help with arthritis

The following foods are also good options if you want to relieve the symptoms of arthritis:

  • Turmeric:  This spice is a great help in treating inflammation and relieving pain.
  • Salt water:  its rich minerals strengthen bones and joints.
  • Broccoli: it fights inflammation and cancer, and in addition, broccoli is an antioxidant that promotes healing. Boil it just enough to give it a soft texture, and never let the broccoli stay in the water for so long that the green color begins to leave, as this will lose its useful properties. However, the best way to prepare broccoli is to steam it.
  • Licorice:  This herb acts as a natural cortisone, yet you avoid the side effects that traditional medicine brings.
  • Onion:  reduces inflammation while removing toxic substances from the kidneys.
  • Garlic:  acts as a cure for many diseases, including arthritis. One excellent treatment is the so-called “Tibetan garlic treatment”.
  • Green Tea:  This drink is very rich in antioxidants and is also high in flavonoids, so it helps reduce inflammation in the body.

So try cassava and other products we have introduced to treat arthritis so you can relieve your symptoms naturally!

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