Calming Jar To Help A Child Have Rage Attacks

Every parent knows that in a gust of crying, calming a child can be very challenging. However, this fact is an unfortunate fact in children’s daily lives that few manage to avoid. Sometimes a child’s anger and crying makes even the calmest parent nervous, in which case it is worth trying a calming jar that is still unknown to many.
A calming jar to help with a child's rage attacks

What would be the best way to deal with a child’s rage attack? At times, it can feel like nothing is reassuring the child, and when other means begin to run out, a calming jar can help almost immediately, even in a desperate situation.

The calming jar is the handwriting of Italian educator Maria Montessor and is still used today in childcare as an effective way to alleviate uncontrollable crying and rage attacks in young children.

The calming jar is a therapeutic aid that can be used to quickly calm the restlessness of young children as well as uncontrollable seizures and rage. We will now tell you a little more about this invention, which is unknown to many, and share instructions on how to make a soothing jar easy at home.

What is a calming jar?

A calming jar can serve as an almost immediate aid in relieving crying and rage attacks in young children. The relaxing power of the calming jar is not just for children and has been found to relieve stress in parents of young children as well.

Calming jars relax

This interesting invention works in much the same way as many other methods created for stress relief, as the soothing jar is designed to empty and soothe a stormy mind. The relaxing power of a calming jar can be compared to yoga, meditation, and other popular methods today to maintain mental health.

One of the best aspects of a calming jar is that it is not an expensive and rare method that is only available in certain places. If you want, you can find different versions of the soothing jar on the market, but you can also easily make it in peace at home, as the materials needed to make the soothing jar are simple – all you need is a plastic bottle, glue and decorative charcoal. The result is a glittering jar that a child can shake in their hands in their uncontrollable tantrum, which also relieves the child’s emotional turmoil and relaxes the child.  This also makes it easier to communicate with the child, and the parent can also, if they wish, teach the child simple breathing exercises that, combined with a calming jar, effectively alleviate anger.

One of the most important features of a calming jar for upbringing is precisely the important detail that no punishment of a child is required to use it. The goal of the calming jar is to be able to calm desperate situations without the parent having to use too radical means to calm the child.

Benefits of a calming jar

According to Maria Montessor, the creator of the calming jar, the aim of the invention is to focus the nervous system function of children aged 2-5 in particular on concrete action.

A shimmering soothing jar helps the child focus

The heartbeat and respiratory rate of a nervous child accelerate, causing the child’s brain to literally lock. The purpose of the calming jar is to attach the function of the child’s brain to the slowly falling decorative charcoal in the jar, which allows the subconscious to dictate the brain to reduce restlessness and restlessness.

This fairly simple exercise helps the child both focus better and balance the amount of energy in the child. A calming jar is recommended, for example, for trips as well as for longer waiting times and situations where the child may easily get bored and nervous.

In short, the calming jar has many benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Controls emotions and stress
  • Channels anxiety and reduces agitation
  • Stimulates the ability to concentrate and gives energy
  • Relaxes the mind and helps you fall asleep
  • In addition to the calming effect, it helps in emotion management and self-examination
  • Also great for hyperactive children

Making a calming jar at home

As we mentioned earlier, the ingredients needed to make a soothing jar are quite simple and can be found in many already at home or otherwise in a regular craft shop. The soothing jar does not require much time or money and is easy to make.


  • Plastic bottle or jar with cap
  • 2 tablespoons of glue mixed with decorative charcoal (about 30 grams)
  • 2 spoonfuls of horistella according to your taste (about 30 grams)
  • 1 drop of food coloring
  • Hot water
  • Colorless baby shampoo
  • Silicone gun

Preparation instructions

  • Combine all the necessary ingredients in a jar or bottle except silicone.
  • Leave a finger’s length in the jar so that the ingredients can mix freely in the jar when shaken.
  • Glue the lid of the jar or bottle with a silicone gun and make sure that it also stays properly. You can also put small toys or shimmering stickers in the hut if you wish. Just make sure none of the materials are toxic to your child.

You can try to soothe your child with a soothing jar as often as you like and you may soon find that this exciting invention often works.

If you have already tried a calming jar for your child’s tantrums, feel free to share your experience with us too!

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