Basic Treatment For Baby’s Atopic Dermatitis

Of course, a baby’s atopic dermatitis worries parents, but luckily it can be treated effectively.
Basic treatment for infant atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis of the baby is one of the most common skin diseases that occurs during the first months of a baby’s life. Early detection and basic treatment of infant atopic dermatitis are important factors in minimizing the symptoms and discomfort of inflammation.

What is atopic dermatitis in babies?

Atopic dermatitis usually begins between the baby’s third and fifth month of life. Skin problems usually become more regular at this stage. They usually occur as outbreaks that last for about six weeks, but they may also last longer.

The disease usually remains active until the age of two and then it either lasts longer or disappears completely. It is a childhood disease that is affected by heredity. That is why family history should be looked at.

When to see a pediatrician?

The baby has a rash on the cheek.

Atopic dermatitis is not associated with any specific characteristics. It varies from individual to individual. It is therefore very difficult to distinguish it from other dermatitis.  Infant atopic dermatitis can only be diagnosed by a pediatrician after assessing the baby’s symptoms.

Therefore, you should talk to your pediatrician if you notice any of the following symptoms in your baby:

  • Nonspecific rash, especially on the face and flexions.
  • Long lasting rash.
  • Repeated crying as it may be due to discomfort caused by itching in the affected area.

How to identify a baby with atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis can occur in different ways. The most common ways are the ways we mention here.

The rash usually appears on the cheeks, forehead, ears and scalp.  It may then spread later to the rest of the body, starting from the facial area. These are usually itchy eczema.

Atopic dermatitis can also manifest as an egg protein allergy. For this reason, the baby needs to be tested for allergies to get a diagnosis.

Prevention and basic treatment of atopic dermatitis in infants

Basic treatment of infant atopic dermatitis with fat.

For the prevention and treatment of atopic dermatitis in a baby, it is important that all family members receive the right kind of health lesson:

  • Wash baby clothes with mild detergent and avoid fabric softener.
  • Avoid heat, especially hot air. Remove all woolen fabrics, plastics, and some fibers that contribute to the appearance of sweat and the rash it brings. Choose cotton fabrics instead.
  • Use a humidifier to dry the environment in places where the humidity level is too low.
  • Take care of your baby’s hygiene with short baths or showers, and don’t do it more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Excessive water and exposure to shower gels contribute to the development of rash. Doctors therefore recommend using acidic pH or oats for washing.

Apply the baby moisturizer several times a day in gentle, massaging movements so that it is properly absorbed into the skin.


There are cases where the symptoms of atopic dermatitis in infants may require medication as well as medical supervision to prevent complications:

  • It is important to see a doctor to determine an anti-inflammatory treatment in the event of an outbreak. Also remove the emollient creams you used to prevent dermatitis.
  • Prevent dermatitis. It usually appears due to scratching after itching. Also maintain proper hygiene.

If your pediatrician suspects an infection, he or she may prescribe external or systemic antibiotics.

External corticosteroids are the most prescribed drugs for this disease. You shouldn’t be afraid to use them, as long as you do it the right way. Babies with dermatitis benefit from them in many ways.

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