Bach Flower Therapy – A Simple Guide

One of the good things about Bach’s flower therapy is that it has no side effects or barriers to use, so people of all ages can take advantage of it.
Bach Flower Therapy - A Simple Guide

Many of us certainly have a friend, relative, or acquaintance who has mentioned the topic of “Bach’s flower therapy”. So you’ve probably already heard how well it helps with emotional problems.

These flower extracts are becoming increasingly popular because of their effectiveness. Besides, they do not have any harmful side effects on health.

In this article, we explain what Bach flower therapy is and present its basics for balancing the body, mind and emotions in a natural way.

Who was Dr. Bach?

Bach’s flower therapy helps with emotional problems.

Bach flower drops are flower extracts developed by Dr. Edward Bach. Bach had numerous academic degrees: he was a bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist. He was a remarkable person because of his brilliant intuition, and in addition he had a strong will to find natural methods of healing. His goal was for every person to be able to take advantage of one at home in a simple way.

With this goal in mind, he devoted his life to finding, plant by plant, the right remedies for the most common mood disorders. Between the 20s and 30s of the last century, he found plants e.g. the following problems:

  • Fear
  • Distrust
  • Anger
  • Shyness
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Indifference

What is Bach’s flower therapy?

Bach flower drops contain 38 different extracts.

Bach flower drops are 38 flower extracts that are prepared by different methods (dyes, extraction, grinding) to separate each plant from its healing energy properties. By utilizing these extracts, the healing effects of the plant work at a very deep and subtle level to the emotions. Basically, they are like first aid for the psyche!

Their biggest benefit is that there are no barriers or side effects to their use. So anyone can use them at any age, and this also applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies, and sick people.

Why use them?

Bach’s flower therapy helps in difficult situations.

Although all people have weaknesses in their personality that require working, sometimes a person may have a so-called A “mind lock” that is harder than normal to overcome. Bach flower therapy benefits in precisely these situations: stress, stages of change, moments of pain, and depression.

Bach’s 38 flower extracts are divided into different groups. The breakdown makes it a little easier to understand what kind of things Bach’s flower therapy helps with. These include:

  • Fear: This is also associated with nightmares, phobias, lack of self-control, or excessive worry.
  • Uncertainty: This includes lack of self-confidence, discouragement, depression, or indecision.
  • Indifference: This is related to exhaustion, confusion, apathy or learning difficulties.
  • Loneliness: The feeling of loneliness is not limited to lonely people. Sometimes there may be loved ones around, but you still feel lonely.
  • Excessive effect of others: This refers to people who do not express their feelings. They often do not know how to set boundaries or have difficulty adapting to change.
  • Discouragement and Despair: This is related to self-discipline, inflexibility, guilt, anxiety, or resentment.
  • Excessive concern for others: This is also associated with a certain amount of intolerance, blackmail and nervousness.

To find the right flower extracts, we recommend visiting a florist or studying them one at a time.

How are they used?

Flower drops are used under the tongue four times a day.
  • Bach flower drops can be used individually or in combination. You can mix up to 7 flower extracts at a time.
  • Four drops are placed on the tongue less than 4 times a day.
  • The treatment should last for at least 21 days. Ideally, be patient and keep using them so you can see bigger changes in your emotions. Extracts may need to be changed as treatment progresses.
  • Bach flower extracts are made into alcohol for shelf life. They can also be preserved in vinegar.
  • These flower drops are available at health food stores and pharmacies.

Rescue remedy

In addition to 38 flower extracts, Bach developed a unique combination of several different flower extracts for “first aid”. He called it Rescue remedy. The mixture handles certain crises and is used as a temporary or immediate aid to them. It is an ideal way to restore a calm and normal state of life after crises, accidents, sudden illnesses and nightmares, for example.


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