Accumulated Emotions Can Have Physical Consequences

If you experience pain at a certain point in your body, make sure you go through your feelings and deal with them to relieve your physical discomfort. Psychological problems can indeed cause physical symptoms in your body. 
Accumulated emotions can have physical consequences

Suppressed emotions accumulate and gnaw in our bodies, and this can cause physical illness. Yes, you read that right. “What we can’t put into words manifests as physical pain.” Remember this phrase as it will help you when you need to talk about your feelings and thoughts.

In this article, we’ll tell you why repressed emotions can make us sick, and of course, how this can be avoided.

The body can send us many signals, although sometimes we don’t pay attention to them. When emotions accumulate over a long period of time, they accumulate on top of each other, and this can cause physical malaise and even illness.

Fear, Jealousy, Criticism… Some people retain all of these emotions in a certain kind of emotional coffin, which only helps us feel mentally and physically unwell.

Illness is a message sent by our body that we receive in order to understand that we are going through a mental “block,” or that we need to change or get rid of some aspect of our lives.

When we take the wrong path in life, which means we don’t take sides because we don’t want to quarrel or talk about something that could break the gap with someone, the symptoms and pain start to erupt. Many illnesses are caused by keeping emotions inside. One if another organ, or one or the other part of the body becomes distressed, depending on an impressive or unbalanced feeling.

Pain is a warning sign and we cannot turn our backs on it.

When such symptoms occur, we should take a break from activities and determine which negative emotions or beliefs are so engraved in our lives that they hurt us.

Suppressed emotions and illnesses

There is a kind of psychosomatic connection that connects thoughts to a symptom.

Maybe you shouldn’t go to the doctor for an examination and get some treatment. Instead, it may be better to engage in introspection to improve your thoughts, and with it how you feel. 

For example, stress can cause a stomach ulcer or heart attack. Depression can be a source of lack of energy and increased appetite. Speaking in somatic terms is easy. The most common pain and problems of all are rooted in our feelings:


This is probably the center of the body. You may experience headaches due to increased blood flow, or because the arteries constrict. This last cause refers to the inability to communicate or express basic feelings such as love. 

The head breaks down


This part of the body connects the mind to the body. When you have difficulty moving your neck, it may be due to more than just a bad night’s sleep. In fact, it can be a sign of a limited and rigid outlook on life.

Stubbornness and narrow-mindedness can cause neck pain.  Too much stress causes this pain as well.


When you solve a particular problem, it feels like the burden has been lifted from your back. This burden you carry is related to feelings and experiences you have had in the past that you have not yet forgiven or forgotten.

The spine supports the back and allows you to do all the activities. The pain in this area is a warning that something is wrong, and maybe you should release some accumulated emotions.


Heart and brain on a scale

This body is associated with love, but also with other emotions such as hatred. It is the center of our feelings. Because of this, heart defects can occur in complex or unwanted situations. 

Maybe you’ve gone too far in a relationship or you’ve focused too much on things that don’t bring anything good into your life.


Our feet allow us to move forward, but they also give us balance. In addition, they provide us with security. Thus, foot problems mean you may not feel safe, you may not know which path to take, or how to think about your future and your projects.

Did you know that allergies are a sign of great fear, and that high blood pressure is due to being too alert for too long? Did you know that urinary tract infections are caused by negative feelings about our personal relationships?

Tips on how to channel your emotions and not get sick

You may have thought that only negative emotions can make us sick, but this is not the whole truth. For example, too much joy can also lead to hyper-enthusiasm, which can damage the heart.

Some recommendations that help channel emotions and thus avoid disease are:

Free yourself from disproportionate feelings

A good way to start is to identify the most common and unsurpassed emotions. Whether they are positive or negative, accumulated emotions can have detrimental consequences.

For example, bitterness and indignation are unhealthy feelings. How do we get rid of them? Through forgiveness.

This is a very bold technique as it will let you get rid of what is biting you. It will also help you leave behind all the heavy burdens you have carried.

Stay away from situations that trigger yourself

repressed emotions cause grief

Once you find out what emotions are hurting you and working hard to eliminate them from your life, the next step is to avoid hiking.

For example, if you recognize that a lack of tolerance is a big problem for you, try not to resort to situations that are difficult in this regard. Then, once you are sure that you have eliminated the roots of the emotion in question, you can begin to communicate cautiously in related situations. 

Meet family and friends

Spending time with loved ones is a great way to heal the grief of your soul. Maybe this is the moment to tell them all about what you feel and what you’ve kept to yourself all these years.

If you believe it is best not to touch old memories, remember that forgiveness and healing are good for you and others around you.

Connect with nature

Take a walk in the park, vacation in the mountains, practice yoga or meditation on the beach, swim in the river and go outside as they are great activities that allow you to release negative and unhealthy accumulated emotions. 

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