A Week Of Detox Treatment With Juices And Soups

A detoxifying regimen that cleanses the body removes harmful substances and toxins, improves visceral function, slows down aging and prevents chronic diseases, and helps control weight. A cleansing regimen brightens the mind and improves daily living and quality of life.
A week of detox treatment with juices and soups

In this article, we will advise you on how to perform an easy and natural cleansing course for a week. Let healthy vegetables and fruits flush out chemicals and toxins from your body.

Detox treatment for body cleansing

Preparing for the cleaning course

This course consists of juices and soups, and you should adapt the recipes according to which products are in season and just available to you. Most vegetables and fruits are easy to replace with another product of the same type.

The soups are intended for colder days and in warm weather you should enjoy the juices. Switch freely between juices and soups according to what ever tastes good. Both juices and soups provide  cleansing ingredients and minerals for your body to use.

You should make the juices yourself in a blender or juicer, but if you don’t own either, you can use organic juices from the store shelf – choose a brand that doesn’t use extra sugar or other additives in the preparation, as these can make cleaning more difficult.

cleansing detox regimen: apple carrot juice

Side effects of the cleaning course

It is important to know that sometimes detox regimens cause a little trouble, as a surprising regimen is a slight shock to the body. Once harmful substances have accumulated in your body ( this happens to most of us due to either a poor diet or a poor lifestyle ), you should start a course.

Your body needs a cleansing regimen to be able to function normally. During the course, you may experience uncomfortable sensations such as headaches, mucus secretion, diarrhea, etc. This is perfectly normal and should not be a concern. If you have an existing diagnosed illness or disease, or are taking medication for any ailment, discuss a cleansing regimen with your doctor before taking it.

The first and last day of the course

If you do not feel that you are following a healthy diet, you should pay special attention to the first and last day of the course, during which you prepare your body for change. This will reduce the number of side effects. The actual course lasts five days. Pay special attention to the products you eat on the first and last day of the course, and omit:

  • Red meat
  • fried food
  • sugar
  • bread, pastries, biscuits, etc.

Replace the above foods with these:

  • salads with dried fruit
  • soups, casseroles or vegetable broth
  • easily digestible vegetables, peas and lentils
  • apple, pear, pineapple, papaya and avocado
  • whole grain rice or millet
cleansing detox treatment: Soup

Detox treatment instructions

When you start the actual cleansing course, it will take five days.  You are not required to use all of the ingredients listed below, but you can customize the instructions according to what is available.

Here’s how to complete a course:

1. Before breakfast. Enjoy two glasses of warm water, squeeze half a lemon juice and a tablespoon of flax seeds.

2. Breakfast.  Juice blend of apple, pear, carrot, pineapple and ginger. Three dates.

3. Lunch.  Juice mixture of cabbage, beets, apples and carrots. Whole grain rice with seaweed.

4. Snack.  Juice mixture of cabbage, beets, apples and carrots. One fried apple spiced with cinnamon and a handful of dried fruit.

5. Dinner.  Prepare soup of cabbage, beets, onions, garlic, leeks, artichokes and pumpkin. You can add seaweed, sea salt, cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of flax seeds. Eat soup with a boiled egg or lentils.


cleansing detox treatment: carrot juice

Keep these things in mind during the course

  • The cure should not be sheer torture during which you feel constantly hungry. If juices and soups leave you hungry, increase the portion size of each meal, but still stick to the recommended meal plan. Be sure to chew the food well and slowly, hot chewing can make it feel like no stuffing has entered your stomach and hunger is haunting right after a meal.
  • Drink tea extracts to support cleansing throughout the day. From dandelion, cardamom and cardamom, you make a cleansing tea that you can enjoy between meals. Sweeten the extract with stevia or honey. You can make a big sats at once, which you keep in the fridge.
  • It is very important that your bowels function normally during cleansing. Defecation completes the cleaning process. If flaxseed is not helpful for bowel function, rinse with warm water every day during the course.
  • During cleaning, you should avoid strenuous exercise, lifting, and other strenuous physical activity. Avoid stressful situations. The course should be completed during a week when there is not much rush in your schedule, for example, a holiday week is a good time for a course. However, you can stretch, do breathing exercises and go for short walks.

I hope you got a good idea of ​​what a detox regimen means in practice from this article!

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