9 Things You Shouldn’t Have In The Bedroom

Are you the people who keep their bedrooms carefully tidy, or do you sleep there in the middle of it all? In either case, follow these recommendations to make this important room the best for your rest.
9 things that the bedroom should not have

The harmony of the bedroom and the whole home is created with detail. Many of them do not receive special attention, but they are likely to have negative consequences nonetheless. Did you know that certain things shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom?

In order for the bedroom to feel comfortable and the sleep to be of high quality, it is good to follow some principles in its interior design. Namely, some things in the bedroom have an effect on a person’s energy level and mind.

9 things that the bedroom should not have

in the child's bedroom

1. Plants in the bedroom

Many people have plants everywhere in their homes. However, keeping them in the bedroom is not a good idea. This is not related to the ridiculous myth that they steal all the oxygen at night, but rather it has to do with energy.

According to Fengshui experts, plants promote infidelity and fraud. They represent side jumps and can cause problems like this in marriage.

In addition, flowers die easily in the bedroom, as this room is usually not well lit. Plants also collect dust, which is harmful especially for allergy sufferers.

However, plants also have some positive aspects in the bedroom: they regulate temperature, reduce noise and soothe.

2. Bright colors

Orange, red and yellow represent the energy of fire, which is just the opposite of rest.  While they are good colors for passion, they also create jealousy and mistrust. Brown is recommended instead.

3. Televisions and wireless connections

Watching TV in bed is a pleasure for many, but a TV in the bedroom is not the best solution. Both TVs and wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, emit harmful radiation that affects night sleep.

bright bedroom

If you can’t remove them from the bedroom, place them near quartz as it has the ability to absorb these waves.

4. Messy closet

Messy closets should be avoided in the bedroom, even if the clutter is not visible behind closed doors. Space-consuming items prevent new energy from flowing in. In addition, the fact that you get rid of unnecessary goods is positively reflected in the rest of your life.

5. Mirrors

the bedroom should have no sports equipment

Fengshu warns especially about mirrors in the bedroom. Mirrors reflect energy, so this energy travels back and forth between the mirror and the body at night.

You should either move the mirror completely to another room or at least to a place in the bedroom that does not reflect your mirror image while you sleep.

6. Messy table

This is almost the same thing as a messy closet, except that the desk clutter is visible all the time. Try not to leave everything on the table if there is one in your bedroom.

This is aesthetically unpleasant and also gives a sense of clutter and unfinished tasks. Your mind will subconsciously move this into your daily routine, even if you don’t even consciously think of the messy table in the bedroom.

7. Ceiling fans

Fengshui experts say that constantly moving ceiling fans cause chi energy to be redistributed constantly, which disturbs sleep. According to them, the best option is either air conditioning or a table fan that can be moved from one place to another.

8. Goods under the bed

People tend to store stuff under the bed, but it’s not profitable. It eats up human energy as well as prevents energy from circulating and new opportunities from entering life. It also has a negative effect when the bedroom is shared with a partner.

In addition, the bed should be at least 5 cm above the ground, as this increases the sense of power and hierarchy in the person sleeping there.

the bedroom should not have a messy table

9. Work or fitness equipment in the bedroom

An exercise bike or crosstrainer device at home is convenient, but it should definitely be kept away from the bedroom! It is a distraction that messes up thoughts and channels energy to something other than relaxation and rest.

By following these recommendations, you will improve your bedroom and sleep better there. You see these effects every day in work performance, mood, and relationships. If you have any of these things in your bedroom, get rid of it as soon as possible!

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