9 Foods To Prevent Heart Attack And Blood Clots

In order to combat these two extremely dangerous things for your health, heart attack and blood clots, you should eat plenty of foods that allow you to control your cholesterol as well as improve your blood circulation.
9 foods that prevent heart attack and blood clots

Vascular thrombosis and heart attack are related to vascular occlusion, and this is something that can even lead to death.

Heart attack occurs in the blood vessels and arteries, and a blood clot refers to the movement of the actual blood clot in the bloodstream. Many people suffer from these dangerous disorders, and the problem is great, especially for those with varicose veins.

So what can be done to prevent this serious problem? It is a fact that these health problems cannot be completely avoided either, but the likelihood of their development can be reduced by making the lifestyle healthier.

Lifestyle change is, of course, a feasible thing. If you yourself have any type of predisposition to vascular thrombosis due to hereditary factors, it is high time to start taking care of yourself, planning your diet, keeping your well-being in mind, and making your life more active.

So this time, we want to tell you a little bit about this important topic, and at the same time suggest some great products that should be added to your diet to prevent those health problems.

So keep reading – this will naturally fight heart attack and blood clots and reduce your risk of serious health problems!

Why do heart attack and blood clots occur?


red blood cells blocked

There is no single cause for these problems. They are based on a number of factors that are usually associated with a person’s lifestyle, hereditary factors, and the diseases associated with these things. Such risks include:

  • high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body
  • spending a large amount of time in a sitting position
  • taking birth control pills or estrogen hormones (especially for women who smoke)
  • a recent review of any type of surgery
  • pregnancy
  • obesity
  • heart or kidney problems
  • hereditary factors that predispose to those problems

As you can see, many of these risk factors are such that they cannot be avoided. But if you are pregnant or have high cholesterol, this does not mean that you will definitely develop a blood clot. Yes, you do have a risk, but it is not a cause-and-effect relationship.

Next, let’s look at how vascular thrombosis differs more specifically from heart attack.

  • Vascular thrombosis : this involves the accumulation of blood due to a blood clot in a blood vessel or artery, and a change in a blood vessel or rupture of an artery wall.
  • Heart attack: this can be the result of a blood clot or the cause of fat, amyotropic fluids, or even carbon dioxide bubbles (for divers and freedivers).
  • Heart attack involves blockage of an artery anywhere in the body, such as the lungs.

What foods can help prevent blood clots and heart attack?

prevent heart attack with lemon

1. Lemon

We have talked about the benefits of lemon countless times already. Indeed, all of our readers know that they are a great product for improving resistance, removing toxins from the body, and combating the effects of free radicals.

However, did you know that lemon can be a very effective aid in improving blood circulation and increasing the production of red blood cells?

So don’t miss a single day of lemon juice plots with water, or alternatively add a little lemon juice to your salad dressing.

2. Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a true gift of nature rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and is an ideal aid in reducing bad cholesterol (i.e. LDL cholesterol) in the bloodstream.

Thanks to olive oil, you can keep your arteries flexible and reduce plaque buildup, which can block blood flow and increase the risk of blood clots.

3. Avocado

Avocados, if eaten in moderation, do not cause weight gain and can be just as healthy or even healthier than olive oil.

Try half an avocado three times a week for breakfast. Your health will thank you for this!

4. Garlic clove a day

crushed garlic

Eat a clove of garlic at least once a day. It is rich in allicin, which is a medicinal enzyme, and it promotes the health of your heart, improves resistance, and also works by preventing blood clotting to keep your blood circulation good.

5. Artichoke

Enjoy boiled artichokes, with which you take a little vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. Make this combination a regular part of your diet  – it’s more than a healthy product, as artichokes are an extremely effective aid in increasing well-being!

This vegetable is also one of the best solutions to prevent blood clots and heart attack.

6. Celery

Celery is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phytoelements that regulate your blood pressure.

This vegetable also helps reduce the amount of cortisol in the bloodstream – a stress hormone that can have a very negative effect on a person’s cardiovascular health.

If you eat celery regularly, either raw or as part of juices, you can keep your arteries cleaner and more supple, and they will have less plaque.

7. Cranberry juice

One of the best natural options for improving blood circulation is cranberries. Thanks to this berry, you can improve your blood circulation as it prevents blood from clotting. This is real great food!

So drink cranberry juice and buy cranberries also dried or frozen, if the season is not favorable for fresh produce.

8. Red wine


woman smelling red wine

If you drink a glass of red wine a day, you can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

This grape-based drink is a powerful source of antioxidants, as is ethanol, which regulates your bad cholesterol levels. Red wine also delays plaque formation in the arteries and improves blood circulation.

However, drink red wine only in moderation so that you can make the most of its many virtues for your health!

9. Carrots

Carrots are a favorite of many. They are refreshing, easy to eat and suitable for combination with foods of all kinds – in addition, they are an excellent help in the fight against blood clots and heart attack.

Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene. It prevents the development of heart attacks and balances the amount of cholesterol in the human body.

Do you think you could enjoy more of these nine dishes now? It really pays off if you want to improve your health – so prevent blood clots and the risk of heart attack naturally!

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