7 Toxic Words To Leave Out

While you may not have thought of this before, certain words have a toxic effect on the people we say them to, but they also make you feel less. They make you feel less capable.
7 toxic words that are worth omitting

We use many toxic words every day and they should be removed from the word list right away!

Believe it or not, but everything you say is very important. Every word that comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what you think.

Avoid these toxic words

So this time, we want to look at some toxic words that should be stopped as soon as possible. Namely, they affect what you do, how you feel about the people around you, and also how you feel about yourself.

What such toxic words then exist? Keep reading – are they part of your own vocabulary?

1. “Strange”

toxic words: strange

“That’s so weird!” or “really weird…” are examples of phrases we’ve all heard very often. However, this word seems to be something we don’t usually come to think of when we utter it: our own prejudices.

Every time you say someone is weird, you assume you are normal yourself. When you say that something another is doing is weird, you are actually saying that what you are doing is considered normal.

But then who gets to determine what is normal? We are all different, but society affects us more than we are aware of.

Stop using this word and open your mind. Everything is acceptable!

2. “I need you”

What on earth…? The verb “needed” is used more than it should be used among couples, and it tries to show another how special he or she is.

Below this, however, there are many things that can be made visible by thinking, “Without you, I am nothing,” “You are everything to me,” “What would I do without you?”, “I love you more than life itself”… And so on.

Needing another person to be happy with yourself is addictive, not love. However, we continue to mix the need with this second, pure feeling.

3. “It’s your fault”

toxic words: guilt

“It’s your fault” is a phrase that is used a lot. It reflects the fear we have of taking responsibility for our own actions.

This is one of the most toxic words that has become part of everyday life, and it is also the one we pay the least attention to. We want to avoid criticizing ourselves. We want to be perfect!

If you make a mistake, accept it. This is not a bad thing, as everyone makes mistakes. Instead, don’t blame someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.

4. “Rum”

Just as with the word “weird,” who decides what is ugly and what is not? Ugly is definitely one of the toxic words that should be left unsaid. The beauty industry and deceptive advertising are full of digital editing that results in flawless bodies and faces.

If you open your mind and free yourself from these thoughts, you will be able to understand that nothing is ugly. Everything has beauty, and everything has traits that can make another fall in love or be indifferent.

So why would it be ugly just because something isn’t appealing to you? At some point, you’ve realized that everyone has their own tastes, so is it worth using that word?

5. “I can’t”

toxic words: refusal

Are you sure you can’t? This is one of the most restrictive toxic words people sadly use and believe.

Everything is possible within your abilities. Sometimes you just find yourself in a situation where your back is against a wall and you think you can’t reach, do, or get over something.

You are stronger than you think. “I can’t” is a negation that limits you. Change it to the phrase “I can,” even if this is difficult. You can see how things change and how your own image of the world also changes.

6. “I hate”

Anger is a feeling that causes a lot of hurt, and not only to those around you, but also to those who feel it. It is like a wound that continues to grow and happen inside a person.

However, this feeling is present in phrases like “I hate my job,” “I hate my family,” or “I hate this situation”.

We can hate all these things, but are we doing anything to change the situation? Probably not. That is why we are only causing an increase in disgust.

Anger reduces you as well as fills you with bad feelings. However, YOU can free yourself from anger, and you can do this right now. Let go of anger.

7. “Failure”

toxic words: failure

Failure has always been a threat, and hearing this same thing alone is frightening. Sometimes, though, we still say we “failed”.

We have the misconception that failure is an absolutely horrible thing. Instead, however, it’s an opportunity to improve, make better decisions, and most importantly, learn from what you’ve done.

There is nothing wrong with failure. In fact, the opposite is true! Turn this “I have failed” into the following thought: “I am a person who learns from every mistake he makes”.

Have you ever thought of these toxic words this way – have you come to notice that they negatively affect your life?

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