7 Easy Ways To Drink Water More Often

If drinking water feels dull, you can add flavor to it with pieces of fruit or aromatic herbs and make it more enjoyable to drink. Then you can gradually replace it with plain water.
7 easy ways to drink water more often

How many times have you promised to drink water more often during the day, and failed to keep your promise?

This simple method is one of the best cures for many health problems and also prevents many diseases.

In this article, we provide 7 easy ways to drink water more often, daily, and with little effort.

Try to drink water more and more and you will improve your health

If you have decided to drink more water, you should know that this habit affects your health in a very positive way. It:

  • improve kidney function
  • relieves pain and inflammation, especially in the knees and neck
  • improves the condition of the skin and hair
  • prevents constipation
  • reduces fluid retention and swelling

1. Take your water bottle with you wherever you go

sports and water

Our first piece of advice to help you remember to drink water is to take a bottle of water with you everywhere. It should have a volume of at least one liter and fill it twice a day.

This bottle should go where you go, so you can drink easily and continuously, without wasting time.

Join the ranks of those who carry a bottle of water with them all day!

2. Lemon and ice cubes

If you find it difficult to drink water because you are used to other types of drinks such as juice, coffee and soda, you should go through a kind of “detoxification” and adapt your body to drink plain water. Once you get used to it, you’ll enjoy it more.

A good way to start the change is to drink water with lemon and ice. You can add up to a few drops of stevia to sweeten it without adding calories.

You can gradually add more water to the lemon drink.

3. Make a makeup

berry water

Another option to make drinking water more palatable is to give it a flavor.

Put fruits, flowers or aromatic plants in the water a couple of hours before drinking it.

The flavor water is not only colorful and tastes good, as it also attracts to drink more often. The attractive appearance of the taste can make even those around you try it.

4. Set an alarm or reminder

If you still have trouble drinking water after following the tips above, and remember to drink water only at the end of the day when you no longer have time to drink the recommended amount, try this practical solution: set an alarm or reminder.

It helps you take a few sips at regular intervals instead of drinking large amounts at a time.

Put a sticky note on your desk, refrigerator door, or bedroom, or set an alarm on your cell phone. This will help you make drinking water a part of your daily routine.

After using alarms for a while, soon they will no longer be needed.

5. Move a lot

you can drink water more often when you exercise

One way to drink more water is to help your body produce more sweat, which makes you thirsty.

The best way to achieve this is strenuous exercise twice a week.

An exercise session is likely to help you increase your water intake by half or a full liter without effort as your body asks for it.

6. Drink water at appropriate times

To get the above benefits, you should always drink water on an empty stomach.

  • The best time to drink water is on an empty stomach, as soon as you wake up in the morning before you have eaten anything.
  • In the morning you should drink two or three glasses of water gradually.
  • You can drink the rest of your daily water quota during the morning or afternoon, but outside of meals.

If you have difficulty sleeping, avoid drinking water just before going to bed.

7. When hunger is really thirst

the water glass is spilled

Did you know that we often eat even when we are not hungry because we mix the feeling of hunger with thirst? Do the following experiment:

When you are hungry between meals, drink plenty of water and wait a few minutes. When you do this, not only will you end up drinking more water but you can also help control your weight by avoiding compulsive snacking.

Drinking water half an hour before a meal can also help you eat less.

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