6 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Believe it or not, drinking low-calorie soft drinks doesn’t really help you lose weight, but they can actually increase the amount of belly fat and make your waist circumference even bigger.
6 reasons why you can’t get rid of belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat permanently?  You’ve probably already tried everything possible and dozens of different diets, exercised until exhaustion, and drank plenty of water – and yet, your waist is still the same size.

Why is this happening to you? Why can’t you get rid of belly fat despite your efforts ? In today’s article, we’ll explain the cause of this frustration and give you a few tips to help you move forward with your goals.

Reasons why you can’t get rid of belly fat

1. You are trying to eliminate all fat from your diet

Avocado contains healthy fats.


When it comes to weight loss, you may feel the need to completely get rid of the temptation to eat fatty foods. But do you think it’s really good for you? Is it a viable idea to get rid of all possible fatty foods? The answer is no, and we will explain why.

  • Some fats are necessary and even essential for the normal functioning of your body,  such as unsaturated fatty acids.
  • People usually end up replacing fats with carbohydrates, and in the long run, this doesn’t help get rid of belly fat at all.
  • To lose weight, you need a sufficient amount of fatty acids, or so-called “healthy fats,” such as those found in avocados, olive oil, and nuts. Eating these daily will actually help you lose weight, and in addition, they will make you feel full!

2. Your state of mind

Lack of energy affects why you can’t get rid of belly fat.


How are you when you are on a strict weight loss diet? Be honest! In general, you probably feel everything from anxiety to sadness. You are in a mental turmoil where you wanted to improve your physical being and appearance mixed with normal daily stress and you may deviate from your diet and even skip meals every now and then. At the very least, you’ve probably missed the opportunity to occasionally pamper yourself in the way that pleases you the most.

In a study at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, the researchers found that sad and depressed women have significantly higher levels of belly fat compared to women whose mood was not as low.

So remember: taking care of your state of mind is just as important as watching your eating.

3. Have you recently checked your magnesium levels?

Make sure you get enough magnesium.


We’ve talked about the importance of magnesium before, but did you know that this mineral also plays an important role in weight loss?

  • Magnesium helps balance blood sugar and insulin.
  • As you probably already know, the sources of magnesium are almonds and other nuts, vegetables and whole grains. You can also choose to use dietary supplements sold in pharmacies and health stores.

4. Do you drink low-calorie soft drinks?

Low calorie soft drinks are one of the reasons why you can’t get rid of belly fat.


Many fall into this trap. While on a diet, instead of excluding all soft drinks, you may choose light drinks. But did you know that these only increase the belly fat you’re trying so hard to get rid of?

Remember: if you are trying to lose weight and strive for a slimmer waist, stop drinking soft drinks and never be oppressed by choosing the light option. These will just make your stomach look bigger!

5. Are you over 50 and do you not exercise?

With regular exercise, you can get rid of belly fat.


After you turn 50, your metabolism has changed a lot and weight loss is no longer easy, even if you control everything you eat. It’s important to combine a healthy diet with a daily exercise program, but remember that you should do aerobic exercise – that is, exercise that speeds up your heart rate and breathes.

This type of exercise helps reduce the amount of fat stored in the stomach because the body uses it for energy. So don’t brake: go for a walk, jog, bike or dance, regardless of age!

6. Do you eat enough colorful food?

Be sure to eat as colorful food as possible.



You may be surprised that you should choose colorful foods for your weight loss diet. What does it mean? A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate red, orange, and yellow foods daily lost more weight and had less belly fat than people who did not consume the aforementioned foods.

Want to know what foods are involved? Here is a short list:

  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Peppers
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Red grapes
  • Pineapple
  • Pumpkin
  • Papaya
  • Carrots

Motivate to continue your weight loss program in the right way. Reducing belly fat is possible as long as you focus on staying motivated and healthy and stop neglecting your feelings.

Also, keep in mind that excess belly fat is very harmful to your health and that it is a significant risk factor for a heart attack.

So get started today and use these easy tips!

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