10 Reasons To Hug Your Loved Ones Every Day

Hugs have scientifically proven power, and if you want to benefit from a hug, it should last at least 20 seconds and it must come from the person you love.
10 reasons to hug your loved ones every day

A hug is defined as a physical gesture in which a person wraps his arms around another as a sign of sympathy or affection. In recent years, hugs have been scientifically studied and it has been found that hugs have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. We may sometimes take cuddling for granted, but after reading this article, you will realize how awesome the power of this simple gesture is. In this article, we present 10 reasons why you should hug your loved ones every day.

A good hug lasts 20 seconds or longer and should take place between two caring, close people who trust each other. Try to hug your loved ones every day, even many times a day. Hugging has a therapeutic power that increases the well-being of both participants in the hug.

Want to learn more about the meaning and power of the hug? Below you will find ten convincing facts about hugging – some of them may surprise you! Remember to hug your loved ones every day!

10 reasons to hug your loved ones every day

1. It improves mood

Remember to hug your loved ones every day - it brings positive energy to the day!


A hug from a loved one can completely change the day and help eliminate negative energy and negative emotions.

Hugging stimulates oxytocin production (also known as the love hormone) and sets in motion endorphins. This increases the feeling of pleasure and serenity.

By giving a hug, you share positive emotions that help recharge your batteries with positive energy.

2. It helps relieve pain

Hugging has a healing power and is known to help relieve both physical and mental pain. Hugging increases the amount of oxytocin in the body and makes the mind focus on the present moment when the pain is forgotten.

3. Increase your sense of security

A hug brings a sense of security.


The warm feeling brought by the hug adds to the feeling of security and takes you away from being lonely.  Hugging can unlock the locks of the soul, improve interpersonal relationships, and prevent behavioral problems.

4. A hug raises self-confidence

This is one of the main benefits of a hug, and it works for both the recipient and the giver of the hug, especially when you get more than four hugs a day. Hugging significantly reduces feelings of fear and anxiety, and prevents the need to hang in the opinions of others.

This is due to the positive energy and hormones of good mood that are transmitted from the hug. The same is true for children: children cuddle with their favorite plush toys and feel calmer and safer than when they are alone.

5. A hug can prevent a heart attack

Daily hugs help protect the heart.


A daily dose of hugs helps protect the heart as they help the heart control rhythm and blood circulation.

Hugging helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and at the same time helps the heart to function normally and efficiently.

People who don’t hug very often or experience very little physical contact are more likely to suffer from heart disease that is associated with a higher heart rate.

6. Hugging helps improve nervous system function

Hugging has a relaxing effect that helps to improve not only blood circulation but also nervous system function.

Giving or receiving a hug a few times a day will help relax your nerves and prevent stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions that can complicate life.

7. A hug helps strengthen the defense system

A hug helps strengthen the defense system.


When oxytocin is released into the bloodstream in sufficient quantities, it helps to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases and diseases caused by a weakened immune system.

The effect is due to the fact that the hug helps to increase the substances that fight diseases in the body and the body is easier to fight the attacks of pathogens i.e. viruses and bacteria.

8. Development of nerve cells

Desired affection is an important part of a baby’s nervous development during the first years of life. The child needs contact and holding in the lap, and if the child does not get the physical contact they need, it can cause neuronal death, which lowers mental and motor ability at a later age.

According to a research team at Duke University in the U.S., babies who didn’t get enough hugs at a young age developed brains that were up to 20% smaller than other children.

9. A hug strengthens relationships

Body language is an important part of happy relationships. Couples hugging each other are closer and the bond between them is stronger. Physical contact is important, especially in intimate relationships, and the more a couple can physically convey their affection to each other, the better. Both parties feel loved and secure – hugging strengthens relationships and intimacy.

10. Hugging helps control blood pressure

Physical contact helps lower blood pressure.


Physical contact with another person has been proven to help lower blood pressure.  Hugging activates receptors found in the skin that send signals to the nervous system. Hugging makes the body feel relaxed and protected, allowing the heart rate to level off and blood pressure to remain at a normal level.

Do you give enough hugs during the day? Experience the power of a hug and hug more of your friends, partners, kids, and family. A hug is a completely free gesture that spreads positive energy into the environment. So remember to hug your loved ones every day!

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