10 Gentle Laxatives To Relieve Constipation

The best way to fight constipation is to follow a healthy, balanced and high-fiber diet, drink plenty of water and stay active.
10 gentle laxatives to relieve constipation

Constipation is a very common digestive disorder that occurs in people of all ages. It is characterized by chronic defecation difficulties. Constipation can also be associated with abdominal pain, bad breath and headaches. Read the best ways to relieve and prevent constipation in this article.

What causes constipation?

The worst causes of constipation are poor diet, dehydration and immobility. Sometimes, however, it can be a symptom of the disease or a sign of changes in the bacterial strain in the gut.

Health professionals recommend changing lifestyles and improving your diet to avoid recurrent constipation.

What can be done to relieve constipation?

what can i do to relieve constipation

Many people like to use commercial laxatives to treat constipation and help remove stool. However, the biggest problem with these products is that they often cause side effects and make the user dependent on them so that defecation is no longer possible without them.

Fortunately, there are 100% natural solutions that have the same effect without harm to health. This time we would like to share the top 10 natural laxatives that you can try next time you suffer from constipation.

1. Lemons

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is one of the best natural aids to relieve constipation. It contains fiber and important vitamins that promote the passage of food in the gut and enhance the removal of waste products.

To make lemon juice easier to drink and work more effectively, we recommend diluting it with water and drinking it on an empty stomach.

2. Flax seeds

flax seeds to relieve constipation

Flax seeds, considered a superfood, are rich in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, which promote digestion.

Flax seeds are known for their strong laxative effects, which can help relieve mild to moderate constipation and inflammation.

Try adding them to your favorite recipes. Ideally, you should soak them in water overnight and drink the liquid the next morning.

2. Castor oil

Castor oil to relieve constipation

If you ingest a couple of tablespoons of castor oil on an empty stomach, you will get the constipation to stop immediately. This oil contains a special active ingredient that, when melted, stimulates intestinal function.

However, it should not be used too much or for too long, otherwise it may have unwanted side effects.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi is a fruit with mild laxative properties. Kiwis are known for their high content of vitamin C and fiber, and are one of the foods you can eat daily to prevent bowel function from slowing down.

Nutritionists recommend eating two kiwis for breakfast to cleanse the bowel and relieve constipation.

5. Spinach


Known for its health effects, spinach is also great for cleansing the body and improving digestion. When eaten fresh, spinach helps to regenerate the intestines, which has changed as a result of poor diet.

Try adding spinach leaves to smoothies, salads, soups or one of your favorite foods.

6. Grapes to relieve constipation

Grapes contain cellulose, sugars, and organic acids that help promote the passage of food through the gut.

When you’re suffering from digestive problems, eat a small handful of grapes or drink half a glass of sugar-free grape juice. Another way to enjoy grapes is to eat raisins soaked in water for a day or two.

7. Figs

Figs to relieve constipation

These small fruits have been known since ancient times as an excellent natural laxative. Their laxative effects are due to the fiber they contain, which facilitates digestion and the transport of food mass in the intestine. 

It would be best to get fresh figs, as much of the fiber and calcium is in their shell. They can also be obtained dried, but then they need to be soaked in water overnight.

8. Plums

Plums are one of the best known and most effective natural laxatives. They taste delicious and are full of nutrients that are good for your health.

We recommend drinking the juice made from them as part of breakfast along with whole grain oatmeal.

9. Nuts to relieve constipation

Nuts to relieve constipation

Nuts are a natural source of fatty acids and fiber, which is why they are a good help in treating intestinal health.

Regular eating of nuts prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and helps to remove intestinal blockage.

In addition, nuts are a very healthy snack that curbs hunger and prevents overeating.

10. Aloe Vera

The gel contained in the leaves of the aloe plant has anti-inflammatory and laxative properties that accelerate the healing of constipation.

Aloe Vera gel can be found in pharmacies in various preparations, such as tea and concentrates, but it is best to take it in its natural form, for example with honey.

Keep in mind that to get full relief from the hassle, you also need to change your eating habits and drink more water throughout the day.

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