10 Clever Ways To Use Olive Oil

Olive oil has many different uses. In this article, we will share with you 10 different tips for using olive oil.
10 clever uses for olive oil

Olive oil is a natural product that is usually used in cooking or, for example, as a salad dressing. However, olive oil is also an excellent product for other uses that are often not known.  That’s why in this article, we show ten surprising ways to use olive oil.

10 great uses for olive oil

Combined with, for example, essential oil, olive oil is an excellent product for moisturizing the skin and expelling dryness. You only need a small amount of oil for the whole body. The best way is to use the oil twice a day or whenever needed.

Olive oil can also be used as a natural alternative to makeup removal. It is suitable for all skin types and is usually very effective in its work. Of course, be careful in the eye area, as direct contact with the eye can cause a nasty reaction.

This is suitable for both men and women. Apply a small amount of oil to any area you want, such as your legs or face. The oil helps the planer glide better and thus prevents skin irritation and redness.

wash the pots with olive oil


Olive oil can be used to wash pots or other similar dishes. Add a few drops of oil to the surface to be cleaned and rub the area with a cloth for a few minutes. You can then rinse the dish and, if you wish, continue washing normally with dish soap. This makes washing much easier.

Olive oil is also a great help for cleaning stoves, as it helps to remove accumulated grease and dirt. Do the same with pots: add a few drops to the area to be cleaned and rub with a cloth. You get a spotless stove.

If your throat is irritated or otherwise uncomfortable, enjoy a teaspoon of olive oil. This will make you feel easier and in some cases significantly reduce the pain. If you are in the grip of the flu, you can also mix honey with the oil .

with olive oil to get rid of sore throat


Because it is an oil, it can be used as a lubricant in many situations. Use, for example, on creaking doors or windows, jammed zippers, or other metal parts that don’t work.

If you own a cat, you know that hairballs occasionally form on its stomach. Olive oil can prevent them from forming completely or at least help the cat get rid of them faster. Pour a small amount of olive oil into the cat’s food.

olive oil for a cat


Olive oil is also suitable for cleaning leather and wooden furniture. In addition to cleaning, it also polishes the furniture. Add a few drops of oil to a clean cloth and rub on the surface of the furniture.

The oil also removes stains from industrial fats such as crude oil. Mix a small amount of oil with salt and rub into your hands or elsewhere where the oil stain has adhered.

You will certainly find olive oil at home too. Now you know ten new uses for olive oil that you can take advantage of in a tough situation!

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